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Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions


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Question 1

The third part of the third habit of the highly effective people “Put First Things First” introduces the concept of independent will which is a crucial attribute of enforcing principle-centric behavior of a human being. In human conduct, the ability to get free will in important and determines, to a greater extent, the knowledge of leading a prioritized life, and at the same time, focusing on important thing in life. The central principle of independent will is to allow human beings to have a chance to make chooses; which they believe will better their lives. The basic definition of independent will is uninterrupted ability to choose what one believes in and can effect any plan without external interference from the people around or the societal expectation in general.

Independent will has critical importance in the development of human being. In the case of self-development, independent will enable one to promote self-awareness. In this case, when one practices the autonomous will, they will be able to improve their way of conducting daily activities. In this habit of highly effective people, the main aim is to focus in the first things first; however, to be able to focus on things that on considers most paramount, they need to have sufficient self-awareness which is a product of independent will.

Secondly, independent will enhances self-development by instilling discipline to human beings. In day to day life of a human being, discipline is crucial and take the foremost place in strengthening a person's life both at school and afterwards. Therefore, getting a chance to practice independent will speeds the rate of self-development by making one more disciplined with an understanding that any form is misbehavior has a repercussion in life. While discipline is a deep personal value, this attributes can only be attained where there exist free will to do wants, and through their actions, they can learn what is right and bad. This principle mostly applies for the young people who are exploring life, and they feel left out when their teachers and parents control almost every aspect of their life. If the independent will can be incorporated effectively, they are most likely to improve their self-development faster.

Independent will is fundamentally found in the habits of human development; without which, the cycle of evaluating human behavior would be incomplete. First, free will is reflected in the habits for human development because it is the first thing that comes in mind when two people are interacting or when a person is relating with the environment. For example, in daily relations with people, it is most often notable that there are people who complain about their freedom and rights being infringed. Therefore, incorporating the aspects of independent will act as a lesson about the importance of allowing others to have freedom in choosing what they consider most important and dear to them.

Secondly, Independent will is incorporated into the habits for effective people to act as a measure on how people conduct themselves. For example, when people are accorded freedom, it is easy to notice when they have good or bad morals. Those with bad habits will always use the privilege for granted, and they do not care about the repercussion on self and on other people. “Your independent will alone cannot effectively discipline you against your center.” This statement clearly denotes the nature of people and...


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