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Art Discussion Questions; Socially Engaged Environmental Art

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You will be required to answer two essay questions. Each answer is worth 30 points
Each answer must be at least 250 words but no longer than 2 pages.
Each essay must be double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12pt, PDF file required, and include works cited on a separate page at the end of each essay.
Upload your essays in the actual exam as two
separate .pdf files (one for Question 9 and one for Question 10 on the exam).
Be specific and cite examples from the readings, artists we've discussed or specific art works. If you do not use correct citation formatting your exam will be marked down. Helpful information about citation formatting can be found here. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1. What is Socially Engaged Environmental Art? Begin by defining this genre of art in your own words. What are its potential impacts in general, on environmentalism and on the world at large? Using your definition briefly describe (2-3 sentences) the ways that three different artists (whom we have seen in class) use socially engaged environmental art to express their ideas. Use specific works as examples. Properly cite any quotes you use. For instance how does Kathy High engage with her community using science and education in her art practice? How was environmental justice described via the artists that Lucy Lippard showed in her talk. How does Robin Laverne Wilson, aka Dragonfly use ritual in her work to engage a range of socially engaged
environmental issues? Not only does Dragonfly make her own work but she is also
in Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping http://www.revbilly.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2. Discuss the film Goodbye Gauley Mountain in relation to the Ecosexualitytext. Start with describing what the film is about, what strategies the film uses to communicate about the issues described in the film, and if the film is effective or not at educating and/or inspiring viewers, and why. Secondly discuss how does the film relates to the text. How does the text inform the film or vise versa?



Art Discussion Questions; Socially Engaged Environmental Art

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Art Discussion Questions; Socially Engaged Environmental Art

Question 1

Socially engaged environmental art entails the different artistic approaches that include historical understanding to ecologically inspired art. Environmental creative pieces offer a deeper understanding of the natural aspects of social concerns. Art impacts society through altering opinion and instilling values on conservation practices, leading to artists such as Lucy Lippard, Kathy High and Robin Wilson using it to express their ideas.

Environmental art influences environmentalists as it leads to people changing their character, instilling values and transforming the ecological experiences. The use of sustainable artistic practices allows artists to utilize natural materials in their outdoor works to minimize environmental effects


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