Terms of Services

These Service Agreements and Conditions are susceptible to change at any moment; thus, we recommend that you routinely examine any terms and conditions posted on the Services. Let's make any major modifications to these Terms of Service or the Additional related Terms. We will publish the revised version(s), together with an effective date, on the Services and inform you by means of a notice. If these Terms of Service are cached on your browser, the Terms of Service that apply to you are the most current version of the Terms of Service that display on a browser that has not been cached.

Any modifications to these Terms of Service or Additional Terms are not acceptable. In that case, you must discontinue accessing and/or using the Services and, if applicable, remove all downloads and programs associated with the Services.

Registering Accounts

Accounts may only be created by you (and if not you, by an authorized representative of the account's subject and who is of the age of majority). We don't verify accounts and aren't liable for illegitimate ones. We have the right to settle account creation or authenticity disputes without notification. You are entirely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your access credentials, limiting access to your Device and any account activity if you register with us. Personal, unique, non-offensive usernames and passwords are required. At our discretion, we may reject any password, username, or email address. Your registration details and updates are your responsibility. You must promptly tell us of any unauthorized use of your account, password, username, or other security breaches, but you are still liable for further usage. Your account or privileges will not be sold, transferred, or assigned.

Subscriptions and Purchases

Some Services features need a purchase or membership. Some Services enable you to order or rent things. Additional Terms include any contract terms given to you during a subscription, rental, purchase, or other transaction on the Services ("Transaction"). You agree to pay our pricing (s). When you buy or subscribe to paid Services, you must supply and allow Pre-Written Essays LLC to charge your Payment Method. You agree to utilize that Payment Method and only supply us with permitted payment methods. For future purchases or transactions on our site, you may keep and manage your Payment Method information, including complete credit card numbers, account numbers, and expiry dates. Change your default Payment Method at any time. If one payment card fails, we may charge another valid credit card you submitted on our site. You are responsible for keeping our stored information accurate, and you agree to Pre-Written Essays LLC updating it depending on information from you, your bank, or payment services processors. Suppose you file a chargeback claim for a purchase or transaction completed on our site. In that case, Pre-Written Essays LLC maintains the right to suspend services, delivery, or goods until the credit card issuer resolves the dispute.

Unless the subscriber cancels seven days before renewal, subscription costs will automatically renew for a comparable duration. You permit us to charge your Payment Method for membership until these Terms of Use are revoked. Cancellation costs are non-refundable. All refunds will be refunded to the original Payment Method. You allow us to charge your Payment Method for any further Services and Content purchases.