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Small Business Scenario; Emirates Pet Products

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The business is referred to in the assignment is selling healthy pet food/products in a small town


Imagine you are the owner of a small business in your hometown. Briefly describe your company in 3 to 5 sentences.
Discuss the following in 525 to 700 words:
Define the roles you play as a small business owner
Describe the main responsibilities of each role you've identified
Explain whether you feel any of these roles are more or less important than another in regard to the overall success of the business and growth of the American economy, include the reasoning behind your opinion
Summarize factors that will impact the short-term and long-term growth of your business



Small Business Scenario; Emirates Pet Products




Company description

Emirates Pet Products is a small sole proprietorship business that focuses on selling healthy pet food on the retail basis. The company operates within Hyde Park, New York and it is positioned to address the growing demand by providing innovative products. Extensive market research reveals that Emirates Pet Products satisfies the market demand for affordable and healthy pet food. However, as a small business, the company is faced with unique challenges such as competition from big brands.

Role of a small business owner

Running my small business requires that I assume different responsibilities. According to Wile (2018), small business owners have more roles they are supposed to fill. First, I play the role of a human resource specialist because I need to abide by the federal laws concerning personnel management. Second, I am an office manager where I establish a workable system for the company, keep track of receipts, deal with suppliers, and take phone calls. Finally, I am the marketing expert of my business where I invest time in developing and running effective marketing and advertising campaigns so that to attain competitive advantage.

Main responsibilities

Playing the role of a human resource specialist I assume the responsibility of managing my workforce. The individuals who work for my company are my most significant resource; therefore I aim to make sure that their needs are well catered for in the business operations. As an office manager, my primary responsibility is coming up with a workable system that will organize my business operations. Besides, according to Redmond and Walker (2009), office managers handle customer complaints or requests, send invoices, troubleshoot computers, and make calls for payment collection. Finally, Emirates Pet Products being a small business my role as a marketing expert entails the establishment of effective marketing campaigns. To deliver on my responsibility, I often conduct research development so...


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Small Business Scenario- Emirates Pet Products

Small Business Scenario- Emirates Pet Products
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