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Selecting a company and writing a report; LivingLove Superfoods

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 BA 317: Final Project

Before I discuss the procedures for completing the final project, I want to emphasize that the project is not market research; you are working with live companies. The process of working with a real live product/service is an important skill and I want each team to get a better feel for the process through analysis of problems.

Each group will chose one of the two products/companies below. The group will determine the goals and objectives of the company. Please review the company website. If you need to contact the owners, please use email. DO NOT wait until the last minute to complete this project. The owners may not have time to respond to your question(s).

Company #1:

LivingLove Superfoods. They provide Artisanal Quality All-in-One Protein Superfood Powders.

Website: livnglovesuperfoods.com        (http://livnglovesuperfoods.com/)      

Dea Lisk: dealisk@yahoo.com  

1.  About the product: We have 3 different formulas that give you variations of organic healthy proteins, fats, and greens. They can be mixed with different milks and liquids, or be mixed with other vegetables and fruits in a smoothie.

2.  This combination of organic hemp, pea proteins, organic brown rice proteins in our vegan formulas, grass-fed whey+ plant proteins in our other formulas. Combined with the superfoods maca, chlorella, hemp seeds and lucuma and probiotics - have been researched to help people have a meal replacement, get two servings of vegetables and probiotics, and give good clean non-caffeinated energy!

3.  What is Chlorella: used by millions of people all over the world as a protein source but also as an immune booster, for heavy metal and radiation clearing, as a longevity nutrient etc.

4.  What is Maca: this root vegetable best grown in Peru? Has been used for centuries to increase energy and brain power, and help with stress. Provided by sustainable farms, that is verify that they are free from contaminants.

Your Task and Goals: Increase product and brand awareness and sales through internet and other outlets. In addition, how could you educate prospective customers and inspire health and well-being?

Objectives: Reach more of our target customers, this could be students, athletes, busy people, moms wanting to protect themselves and families, people wanting to eat healthy,

1.  Increase content on website, what would you add?

2.  Look at site--can you streamline site? How could you make it more attractive?

3.  Build video presence on web site, using YouTube channel

***** Please review the website and if you need additional information from the owner, contact through

email *****

Company #2

TravelPerks Dream Vacations

    Website: ar  avelpul no.uuln (http://www.travelperks.com)

    Contact: Gary Smith, gary@travelperks.com          (mailto:gary@travelperks.com) ; 541-914-7753

Your Task and Goals: Launching a sub-brand (service extension) focused on a profitable niche within the travel business — River Cruising.

    The sub-brand will be RiverCruisePerks.com 

    Marketing Objectives: They are launching a separate website "RiverCruisePerks.com" How would you modify the existing site to leverage the new site, and how would you obtain high-ranking organic search results on the new site for the subject of River Cruising. Once on the site what recommendations to improve user experience and communicate the company's value proposition would you suggest?

    Bottom Line: How can this company capture a higher percentage of the river cruise market, both locally and nationally. o Note: RiverCruisePerks.com will be live within two weeks, so students will have access to the new brand and our efforts to date.

Background Objectives:

Who is their target market?

What is the product/Service?

Identify the problem... Potential threats? Untapped opportunities?

SWOT Analysis of the company

What is the company's current position in the marketplace?

Who is the company's current competition?

How does the company compare to their competition?

Are their current marketing efforts targeting their ideal target markets?

What are some tactics you can use to execute the strategies you are putting in place for these companies?

*****Keep in mind you will need to address the 4135*****



Selecting a company and writing a report; LivingLove Superfoods

Group # and names of all group members

Instructor Name



Table of Contents

Table of Contents. ii

Executive Summary. iii

1.0 Introduction. 1

2.0 Competitive Analysis. 1

3.0 Problem Statement 2

4.0 SWOT Analysis. 2

5.0 Did you use a social media platform?. 4

6.0 Conclusion. 5

Works Cited. 6




Executive Summary


LivingLove Superfoods was born out of the desire of Dea Lisk to curb the dangers associated with the consumption of unhealthy foods. The consumption of unnatural foods contributed to different general poor-health issues among the American population. This situation resulted in the founder of LivingLove Superfoods formulating superfood nutrition powders. The main competitors for include Sunfood Superfoods, and Green Labs; for that reason, it competes in different highly competitive natural superfoods. According to LivingLove, due to aggressive competition levels, LivingLove Superfoods faces a limiting effect on its operations. The increased levels of competition negatively influence company sales and brand awareness; hence, the senior executives should establish strong fundamentals for gaining competitive advantage. To reach more targeted customers, the company will have to adopt the utilization of social media that will aid in the process of maintaining company presence and building a strong brand.

            This marketing plan recommends that for LivingLove Superfoods to increase the product and brand awareness as a way of boosting sales revenue then it will have to run various marketing campaigns through the internet, for example by using social media platforms. The incorporation of social media channels such as YouTube in the marketing campaigns will offer LivingLove Superfoods with the chance to speak and hear from...


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