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Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior


Organizational Behavior



Question One:

            According to Konopaske et al. (2017), the 20th century has represented a period where women have made strides concerning the role they play at the place of work, however, excellent research points out that there is a significant pay difference between men and women. For instance, a top journalist in the BBC resigned after she found out that she was getting paid less compared to her male colleagues doing the same job as such this demonstrates the inequality that exists in top international organizations. Of essence, employers can eradicate these pay gaps by making it easier for mothers. Research reveals that at the start of the hiring process salaries are almost similar, but this case changes after women start having children, for that reason, it is vital that specific policies are implemented. Employers should offer parental leave so that women can return to work, and be able to earn higher wages as a result effective strategies will ensure that the gender pay gap is eradicated.

            To maintain fairness and equality in the pay structure then the employers as well as the federal government need to change the law, and enact strong pay bills concerning equality in salaries. The equal pay bill should dictate that both men and women working for similar jobs should be paid the same amount of salary as required by the Equal Pay Act. Besides, under job responsibility employers should establish more flexible workplaces considering occupations with least flexibility exhibit the pay gap (Konopaske et al., 2017). However, these gaps tend to reduce when there is the element of flexibility at the place of work since individuals can easily substitute for one another.



Question Two:

Dysfunctional conflict

            This can be described as the conflict that results in the decline in communication as well as the productivity of a group. This is a situation where a group is faced with the inadequacy of sufficient motivating factors complemented by an overabundance of conflict; hence destroying the performance of a team. An example of dysfunctional strife confronting groups at workplaces includes shared, split or unclear responsibility. This situation is characterized by the lack of precise definition of job responsibilities, and so it results in organizational conflict. According to Sava (2007), dysfunctional conflict leads to individuals having competing interests that override the interests of the organization. Individuals, in most cases, managers do not work in cohesion as they often withhold crucial information from one another. On the other hand, employees propagate dysfunctional conflict by sabotaging the efforts of other employees; this can be either a conscious or an unconscious move. 

Impact of dysfunctional

            The shared, split and unclear responsibility as a dysfunctional conflict affects that level of productivity and cohesion among various groups in the places of work. In most cases, this kind of dysfunctional conflict results in elevated levels of tension, the realization of instances of distrust, increased dissatisfaction, among other adverse effects.  The lack of precise definition of job responsibilities and description among various cadres of employees in international organizations can be described as a recipe for disaster. According to Sava (2007), dysfunctional conflicts result in lack of accountability; the top managers fail to take responsibility for failed initiatives, for example, the compensation programs. Notably, due to the inadequate definition of job responsibilities, objectives of a group are often poorly aligned leading to blame games and finger-pointing.

            Besides, this kind of dysfunctional responsibility creates room for the nonexistent process. A group faced with dysfunctional conflict often experiences sub-optimization. In instances, that in a group where conflicting parties resort to pushing for individual agendas, the organization often fail to realize and fulfill its objectives. Conflicting managers as well as employees, find themselves engaging in fruitless feuds that undermine the focus of the organization. Sava (2007) asserts that by managers and employees feuding with each other, they end up distorting the goals of a team. Additionally, organizational conflict results in the wastage of time and resources, as employees fail to entirely focus on achieving specific objectives, thus wasting considerable time on superiority contests. Workers productivity is reduced by wrangles and feudal...


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