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Logistics Management: (A case study of Qube Logistics)

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After reading further baсkground material on the сoncept of an intermodal company and relevant case studies on related companies, prepare a report analyzing the important features of an intermodal. This can be located in Australia or an international location (i.e. Qube in Australia). Identify logistics management strategies to resolve any issues related to the operational aspects of the company.


To support your analysis and recommendations, you need to:
• Use a minimum of 8 academic journal articles, plus the text supporting your identification of problems and proposals/recommendations to resolve the problems (better marks will be awarded for more than 8).



In your report, you need to consider: (you may add other segments)

• The main problems at with the current logistics network in NSW (New South Wales, Australia)

• How they might be resolved
• What, if any, involvement should the NSW Government have in the resolution of the problems
. Try to incorporate the aspect of Sustainability



Logistics Management: (A case study of Qube Logistics)



1.0  Introduction

            Qube Logistics can be termed as a company specializing in the provisions of imports and exports logistical services in regards to national operations complemented by other integrated services. Qube Logistics has two distinct and functional divisions; Logistics and Port and Bulk. As such, Logistics division is supported by purposefully located facilities across capital city ports so that to guarantee transport of containers either by road or rail, quarantine and custom services, intermodal terminals, etc. (Zhang et al., 2013, pp. 1485; Murphy and Poist, 1994, pp. 36)). On the other hand, the Ports and Bulk division offer a range of diversified operations from Port Hedland, where most of the export goods are stockpiled, for example, iron ore through to Port Kembla, where Qube Logistics specializes in handling heavy machinery, motor vehicles, and project cargoes.

            Besides, Herman (2002, pp. 440) asserts that the various services offered by logistical companies, for instance, Qube Logistics are well combined to form integrated solutions that are tailored made to meet and fulfill particular client needs. And so, over an extended period, Qube Logistics has comprehensively worked towards the development and expansion of the company's logistics portfolio to becoming Australia's single largest provider of logistics services. Consequently, presently Qube Logistics is focused towards the growth and development of infrastructural systems supported by the establishment of additional strategic logistical hubs at the inland locations as well as ports. As a result, these well-established centers presents Qube Logistics with the ability to focus on allowing the development of rail services so that to act as an alternative mode of transport. Besides, Qube Logistics has continuously delivered services as per the company's operating plan, through the establishment and development of cutting-edge technology so that to ensure clients enjoy the provision of complete supply chain solution. Therefore, this paper based report aims at identifying the various logistics management strategies focused on resolving any issues related to the operational aspects of Qube Logistics.

2.0  Logistics Management Strategies

            Qube Logistics, operational services for instance shipping of containerized goods has been hampered by the constant involvement of many players in the organization and execution of the total transport chain (Theofanis and Boile, 2009, pp. 51; Herman, 2002, pp. 440). Nonetheless, the performance of the international supply chain container transport is crucial in the world economy. As such, the communication between the buyer and the seller is inclusive of an Incoterm rule, which undoubtedly stipulates the risks, expenditure, and tasks related to the moving and delivery of containerized freight (Zhang et al., 2013, pp. 1488; Lianguang et al., 2012, pp. 98). However, logistic services face multiple difficulties that notably arise from coordination problems involving the various actors, most specifically the inland ones as a result of an disproportion between costs and benefits of organization,  risk-averse tendencies, unwillingness to invest, etc. For that reason, these inefficiencies require the provision of vast potential improvements, for example, logistics management strategies utilized by Qube Logistics to enjoy the competitive advantage.

Shipping lines

            Hong et al. (2004, pp. 17), states that the heavy industry depends heavily on the services provided by the maritime sector, for that reason, the associated industries have established changes that have led to the improved margins through the reduction of costs.  According to Cui et al. (2009, pp. 44), the mantra in the intermodal industry for reducing the operational costs is guaranteed by the economies of scale. For that reason, Qube Logistics have focused towards consolidating shipping lines through acquisitions and mergers as well as establishing alliances that lead to the realization of global coverage. Lai et al. (2005, pp. 3), explains that the center of attention on economies of scale leads to the increase in multiple benefits, for instance, Ultra Large Container Vessels, ships with the capability of carrying more than 14,000 Twenty-Foot Containers. In consequence, the use of these containers leads to substantial reduction of the operating costs incurred by Qube Logistics. Also, Qube Logistics has employed slow steaming complemented by improvements concerning the positioning of empty containers as a logistics management strategy. To further add on that, Cui et al. (2009, pp. 50), the company...


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Logistics Management (A case study of Qube Logistics)

Logistics Management  (A case study of Qube Logistics)
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