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International HRM

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International HRM


International HRM

Statement One

            Globally, recruitment and selection and accomplished different to accommodate cultural variation. According to Horak et al. (2018), nations vary from each based on language, work ethics, as well as factors of motivation. For example, when sourcing international labour, recruitment and selection process will consider practices and believes that are predominant from the country of origin of a job candidate. Lilian (2019) indicates that recruitment and candidate determination represents that most dominating cultural aspect that must be considered in international hiring processes. Many companies that have taken up the approach in sourcing labour from global markets due to potential talents and operation cost advantage, such as reduce wage burden (Brewster, 2016). 

An excellent example of a company that has delocalized the target sourcing during recruitment and selection is Apple Incorporation. The company has an active and constant recruitment and selection guidelines that augment its selection of new employees (Lilian, 2019). However, even with these variations from one country and another, the process of recruitment and selection at the international level should be consistent, mainly to ensure companies can get the best talents and provide employees with an excellent working culture (Horak et al., 2018). As a result, when recruiting staff from overseas, companies should put in place policies and practices that accommodate these differences and at the same time respect workers’ rights and cultural orientations. This expectation is supported by Brewster (2016), who believes that international employers should consider diversity based on language, education backgrounds, as well as working culture during the recruitment process.

Recruitment of expatriates and citizens should be exposed to an equally rigorous process to access skill, work motives, as well as values that individual can potentially contribute towards the accomplishment of the corporate agenda. According to Brewster (2016), an inconsistent global recruitment and selection process leads to unpredictable outcomes, such that employer become unable to manage workflow and quality of output. Corporations aiming to import labour should have identical selection criteria for all potential candidates, making it possible to establish the effectiveness of each person. Hiring experts from different parts of the world should also consider how the output is measured to ensure uniformity. For example, Adidas hires its staff from all over the world and utilizes specific metrics in recruitment processes, increasing its chances of hiring competent candidates (Noah, 2019). These facts establish the increased importance of aligning recruitment and selection policies and practices with the need of an international labour market to accommodate cultural diversity.


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Statement Two

One advantage of cultural differences and idiosyncrasies at a workplace is that it lets corporations attract and retain competent personnel. Lockheed Martin has a multicultural and inclusive setting that makes it attract the right candidates (Lockheed Martin, n.d.). A survey by Glassdoor concluded that two-thirds of employment seekers highlighted that diversity informed their decisions when evaluating job offers and organizations (as cited by Hans, 2019). According to Roberson (2019), having a culturally diverse environment is an essential component in the recruitment process as it broadens the talent pool of prospective employees. Not only does employing people from different talent pools make a business attract determined, internationally-minded persons, it also let it retain them.

However, despite the opportunity created by diversity, the challenge of misunderstanding and lack of tolerance my prevail. An organization that has a culturally diverse environment has a higher possibility of experience conflict amongst member due to mistrust and lack of understanding among the shareholders (Mateescu, 2017). For example, L’Oreal benefit from cross-cultural understanding that makes it create practical marketing efforts (L’Oreal Annual Report, 2017).The main reason for the emergence of conflict diverse group is that many employees may fail to agree based on the diversity...


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