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Education has traditionally been emphasized in the United States as the pathway to individual and economic success

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Prompt: In 1,000-1,200 words, create a literature review of the scholarship around the topic of your research proposal.


1.      A literature review is not an essay, so you should not take a position or start an argument about something. You aren’t trying to convince anyone.

2.      Your literature review should focus on exploring key concepts discovered in your research that will influence your research.

3.      You must use third person

4.      Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be flawless. Visit the Liberty University writing centers if you want extra help: https://www.liberty.edu/academics/casas/academicsuccess/index.cfm?PID=38382

5.      APA formatting including a title page but not an abstract

6.      Your title must include your areas of study


Additional Suggestions:

1.      You could focus your literature review around 3-5 key concepts, devoting 1-2 paragraphs to each.

2.      At the end of your introduction paragraph, you can include a non-argumentative thesis statement that summarizes the general idea of what you found in your research.

3.      Be sure to include introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Your body paragraphs should be unified and have strong controlling and concluding sentences.

4.      Introduce your topic in your introduction and then let your main points deliver the results of what you found.

5.      Refer to the textbook and journal articles for information on and examples of literature reviews.



Education has traditionally been emphasized in the United States as the pathway to individual and economic success




1.0 Introduction

Today, there is a general emphasis on the importance of post-secondary education by popular opinion as a tool that guarantees the attainment of equality, financial success and social mobility (Taylor, 2014). In the United States academic prosperity is regarded as an avenue for upward mobility that can be realized through ‘hard work’. Subsequently, the government of the United States has ensured that the country’s education system is among the most significant sectors globally. Currently, the education system boosts of over 6,500 post-secondary institutions that include over 4,180 non-degree institutions. The education system is structured in a way that the effort an individual invests determines the level of success attained; hence, resulting to an argument concerning what the lack of post-secondary education means for an individual. There are various contemporary factors after post-education globally; the most predominant driver being the achievement of success.

2.0 Literature review

            Abbott and Wallace (2014) opine that traditionally proponents have fronted education as one of the most significant foundations for individual and economic success. Education represents the most effective avenue that the general society utilizes in dealing with future challenges. Education shapes the world of tomorrow through providing platforms where individuals get to attain equality, financial success and social mobility. Individuals with post-secondary education are regarded as educated minds that can provide economic and social progress through, innovation, research, and so on. In the United States individuals with post-secondary education play significant roles not only in institutions of research but also in every walk of life. The availability of college education has ensured that there is effective participation at different stages of social and economic progress (Taylor, 2014). Though, education does not solve all the problems facing a nation it represents an essential part of the problem resolution efforts.

According to Baldwin and McCracken (2013), education is a pathway to success because it serves the general community in different ways. The government of the United States recognizes that education is a platform that can make the majority of its population more knowledgeable and wiser. Individuals that possess such qualities and abilities are empowered to provide solutions to different challenges facing a given society. This belief underlines that education is an essential cog in individual, social and economic growth (Rich, 2013). The society thrives because education provides a significant expression concerning the world. Educated minds come up with long-term strategies that improve the economic performances of individuals and the government through inventing new techniques as well as creating useful concepts.  As a tool of knowledge dissemination education exposes educated minds to desired changes in lifestyle, values, and behaviors. Therefore, education represents the best...


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