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1)  The chapter opens with a quote from a scholar of cities Stephen Graham: “Warfare, like everything, else, is being urbanized.” After reading the beginning part of the chaper from pp. 105-109, outline and discuss what you understand about why films about war have focused so much on being set in cities and urban spaces. What does this setting provide filmmakers that is powerful, provocative, and visually more interesting than the battlefield?


2) Since the end of WWII, “rubble films” have served an important function in German society in the aftermath of Hitler’s Third Reich and the Holocaust. According to what you understood from the textbook discussion on pp. 110-115, outline and describe some of the reasons (moral, historical, and political) that this category of film was made, and especially critical for German audiences rebuilding from a traumatic and destructive past.


3) Watch the trailers for the two films Europa and Delicatessen discussed in the section on the “The retro-rubble film” on pp. 115-116 and linked below. According to the textbook, what are some of the shared characteristics (visually and storyline) of the two films, and how are they especially effective for contemporary audiences of today? What stuck out for you in these two trailers to support what you read in the textbook?


Trailer for Lars von Trier, Europa (1991): youtube.com/watch?v=BCvDo1y-jT0

Trailer for Marc Caro et. al, Delicatessen (1991): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVL5_I4CvTc


4) Outline and discuss some of the shared themes and approaches to the narrative and visual language (mis-en-scene) of the divided city films that have featured Berlin, Belfast, and Beirut as discussed in the chapter section “The divided city” on pp. 117-123. 



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Question 1

I think movies and films’ success is determined by choice of location. Movie location may set the scene for the movie and is one of the characters in the film script. The choice of the right location, I think, can be a breakthrough in the project. The urban setting has been on the increase. I believe that cities are the hubs of the world’s political, cultural, and economic activity and act as the shapers of day-to-day life for billions of people. The future of the people and having a set of a film in urban helps in capturing what people want to experience. I think the dynamism with life makes the urban setting of a film more relevant to the people. People would want to associate with what touches their daily living. The filmmakers are assured of an audience with urban settings because war films present violence, and the young male adults prefer such movies, and these movies are linked to the genre of this demographic. The urban setting presents visual elements that present an appealing mood for the urban audience, who are the biggest target.

Question 2

Rubble films represented a collection of films that were...


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