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Improving Fire Department Productivity: Answering Questions

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Improving Fire Department Productivity: Answering Questions


Improving Fire Department Productivity: Answering Questions


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Question 1

The influence that the emergency medical service has caused to the operations of the municipal affairs as far as fire and emergency service is concerned cannot go unnoticed or easily ignored. First, emergency medical service has caused the Municipal a huge deal of money in regards to making payment to cater for the service offered. Second, lack of coordination between the emergency medical center and the fire and emergency center has significantly haunted the operations. In order to access the emergency medical services, the municipal is required to assure its members under a medical cover that is costly presenting the greatest challenge. However, emergency medical service also present the Municipal with an opportunity by ensuring the safety of its employees. The emergency service has enjoyed a lot of improvements from the medical service department in the form of training to the employees. Also, technological advancement has come in handy to simplify fire and emergency activities. Besides, whenever an emergency occurs, whether road or fire accidents, the emergency medical service offers the first-hand support in ensuring the casualties do not lose lives. This aspect is important for the municipal fire department as they can be able to work with assurance that their health is insured and most importantly, the life of the fire casualties is as well insured (pg. 3-11)

Question 2

Decision-making power in fire and emergency services can emanate from various individuals and corporate bodies that are responsible for decision-making. First, the chief officer has the authority to set new agenda that can bring change in the organization. The latter can influence change by having an initiative that will require the standard operations to be modified to address any emergency of a new practice. Secondly, the power to influence decision making can also arise from a court order. A federal regulation may restrict, control, or ban the organization offering the fire and emergency service from carrying out particular activities based on the consideration of the societal benefit. Finally, the union pressure group can change the bearing of the decisions made in a fire and emergency organization. In most cases, the union will be inclined to protect the interest of the employees and other member members of the society who would otherwise be affected by the decisions made (pg. 18).

Question 3

To ensure efficient operations in a fire and emergency service, a manager should practice...


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