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What Is Federalism?


you are to find an article from a REPUTABLE news source that discusses an issue related to federalism. You will then answer the following questions: -What issue is your article discussing and why is it an example of federalism? -What problems have arisen, or could potentially arise, as a result of the state-national policy interaction discussed in your article? -In your opinion, is United States federalism an efficient method of governance, or does it create more problems than it solves? Why? ***Be sure to use as many examples from the readings as possible. Show me that you understand what you are writing about -Include a work cited page. -Your chosen article should be from a credible source, if you are not sure please ask the professor in advance if your source is credible. -Your article should have been written within the LAST 24 MONTHS. -Your essay should include citations from your chosen article in MLA format.  -Use a standard font and margin spacing (Times New Roman, Calibri). -Include a title. -Be sure to cite when you quote or paraphrase. -You may use internal citations, footnotes, or endnotes. Please MLA style of citation
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