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Website Preliminary Draft

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Website Preliminary Draft


Website Preliminary Draft

My Business Idea

My business idea is to sell footwear for men. This business idea will be in the retail industry dealing with products that target the male population. The demand for footwear is very high, particular in urban areas, and a business that can establish a reliable B2B e-commerce can really growth.

Competitive Landscape

Competition in the market niche is very high. One part of the rivalry emanates from people with physical business locations that limit the number of people seeking for footwear products online. The other part of competition entails people who have already established an online business model dealing in the same products. Over 100 companies are dealing with the same products, but customization and customer service will make my business model unique.

My product will be unique because the business model will incorporate branding based on customers’ preferences. Customer will also have a chance to pre-order their products and stipulate how they want them, in terms of color, finishes, size, and other aesthetics.

Target Audience

The business targets only men, but will be categorized into two groups—first, university male students. Students in any tertiary learning level have a very sense of fashion, they are, therefore, less concerned by price, as long as products of good quality and fashionable. The e-Commerce will be made user friendly to meet the needs of this particular group.

The second target population is that of male employees. Workers in the community have a great sense of wearing quality outfits, mainly shoes for me, particularly due to the nature of their work. A male working in an office wants to wear something unique. Hence the objective of the proposed e-Commerce will entail providing a unique experience to both target population.

Marketing and Advertising Strategy

I will create awareness through social media platforms. Due to the nature of the target population and the growth in information technology, it is viable to communicate about the product we sell through social media. For example, almost all campus students have access to the internet connection at school and their home. Due to the availability of these vital resources, most spend a significant among of time browsing online. I intend to take this opportunity to create a website will good visibility and back its marketing opportunity with ads that can be broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, and other common channels.

Strategy for Online presence



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