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Using the ROPE Process in Consumer Relations

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Using the ROPE Process in Consumer Relations


Using the ROPE Process in Consumer Relations

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Using the ROPE Process in Consumer Relations

Question 1

The scenario presented poses a critical grey area that raises the dilemma between balancing environment conservancy and boosting economic development. The first component is research, which ensures a better elaboration of the real estate developer proposed objective. In this case, to attain positive public relations, the two parties must research the best interaction mechanism (Hendrix et al., 2012). This way, research conducted will ensure customers, employees, and all users, in general, are factored in before decisions are made. Furthermore, research is used to unearth instances that may be beneficial for both parties during a public relations intervention. Both parties can benefit from a mutual representative that is highly desired before proceeding to the ROPE model's other components.

The second component is the objective. According to Kelly (1998), the ROPE model's objective entails two main attributes, the impact and the output. For example, based on the presented scenario, the impact objective of preserving the historical site is to maintain cultures, norms, as well as things that are dear to a native community. On the other hand, the outcome objective is to have economic growth supported by real estate development.

The other component is programing, which, according to Hendrix et al. (2012), entails carefully considering how an issue affecting a particular group can be remedied. In this case, the interaction between the Historical Conservancy and the Real Estate developers can be programmed to understand each other's side of view without constraining future possibilities of working together.

Finally, the evaluation component is concerned with assessing the impact and output of the objectives set during the public relations period. In the presenting case, it is evident that the Historical Conservancy supports economic growth, but balancing with concerns to historical artifacts is desired. Hence...


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