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Universal Religion


Instructions What do you think of the belief that Islam is meant to be a universal religion and that it corrects the mistakes of Judaism and Christianity? Background information: The Quran purports to be the final and most perfect revelation from God. As such, the religion that it expounds, Islam, is meant to be a universal religion, correcting the mistakes and misunderstandings of Judaism and Christianity. Traditionally, the understanding is that while the original teachings of Judaism and Christianity were correct, their adherents misunderstood Allah's messengers and practiced the intended religion (Islam) incorrectly. So, the messages in the Quran were sent to get everyone back on the correct path. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, but Muslim tradition states that the Quran is the perfect and final revelation from Allah (God). It is the continuation and correction of revelations that are recorded in The Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament.
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