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Unit VIII Project: Communication Strategies

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Unit VIII Project: Communication Strategies 


Unit VIII Project: Communication Strategies

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Unit VIII Project


One product that I use on daily businesses is a phone, specifically an iPhone. iPhone is a product produces, marketed, and retailed by Apple Inc. located in Cupertino, California, in the United States. iPhone is one of the most famous and widely used phone brands in the world right now and continues to gain popularity due to design flexibility and end-user quality.

Question 1

a)      Common delivery methods for communication ideas

Selecting the best method of sharing ideas is a significant step towards establishing a great communication mechanism between a speaker and the recipient of such information. There exist different types of communicating ideas, but the most typical ones are manuscript, memorized, impromptu, as well as the extemporaneous approaches. Contrary to speaking that may occur between two friends, official communication is more structured; however, it still heavily relays on the communicator's use of facial and non-verbal aspects (Johnston & Marshall, 2016).

First, impromptu speaking entails delivering information to a target population without prior arrangement or preparing concerning the subject matter. This communication method has a couple of downsides, mainly regarding the preparedness of a speaker and the perception of a listener. For example, the communicator may not have sufficient information regarding the subject matters, hence getting stranded and giving listeners irrelevant information (Johnston & Marshall, 2016).

Second is the extemporaneous speaking entails a well-organized strategy of interacting with an audience using brief prepared notes. One main feature of this approach is that it does not use an entire manuscript. The key advantage is that using short summaries enables listeners to follow and ask questions regarding the subject matter.

The third is the manuscript methods of sharing communication ideas, where a speak follows word-to-word of a prepared speech. Under this type, communities may be delivering information on behalf of their senior and want to keep as original as intended by the senor.

Finally, a memorized style is where a speaker reads all the content of a communication idea and just narrates it to the target population without necessary reading from a script.

b)     Tips for speakers addressing the media

Before a speaker addresses the media, they should research and create a strong understanding of the subject matter. One key part of the research will entail understanding the type of audience who will listen to the message and its implications on a person or company image. After getting well-averse with the subject matter, it is also necessary that the speaker appears neatly addressed. If it is an official matter, they should also dress appropriately before appealing in front of the media.

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