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Unforgettable Moment

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Unforgettable Moment


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Discussion Essay: Chapters 17, 18 and 19

Chapter 17

The author has depicted the politics of “Gilded Age Politics” as corrupt due to lack of equal voting rights for the American societies. Apparently, the southern political leaders had instituted poll taxes which most blacks could not afford denying them an opportunity to exercise their political rights. Besides, the Supreme Court regulation for literacy test which most communities could not pass made the regime highly corrupt as alluded by the title of this chapter.

Mechanization in farming, urbanization and gradual industrialization played a critical role in shaping the American politics in different ways. First, in general, farm mechanization led to economic growth which resulted in the expansion of government agencies and consequently reduced the crass patronage due to increased trade regulation. Secondly, urbanization reduced political inequality between the African American and the natives. These developments changed the political bearing by instilling democracy, equality, and involvement.

Chapter 18

Increased in urbanization necessitated an increase in regulation to enhance peaceful coexistence between people from different races, economic backgrounds, and varying political affiliations. There was a need to improve government regulation for Americans and non-Americans interacting in the metropolitan areas to reduce gender violence, promote equal opportunity, and facilitate the collection of taxes. Increased human interaction poses a high risk in case the relation is not governed by making people accountable and responsible for their actions. Besides, regulation was essential to ensure children are protected from abuse, prohibit human trafficking, and reduce immorality within the urban setups.

Progressive era provides women and workers a chance to improve their livelihood by advocating for appropriate wages, right working environment, and standing against sexual harassment for women. Progressive era cut across all classes considering various needs for the native and non-Americans. Women seemed to emerge more empowered as a result of support from different sectors during the “Progressive Era.” Constitutional regulations such as “Mann Act of 1910” was primarily passed to prohibit the transportation of women from immoral intentions.

Unlike 1900, America enforced closer regulation of economic life by 1920 to restore sanity in business competition. Woodrow Wilson expresses discontent siting...


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