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Uncertainty Theory

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These papers will select a current issue happening in the world (choose something that has happened within the past month). This issue can come from the news, social media, youtube, TV, radio, etc...Each paper will have two parts.

You should begin by introducing your paper.

The first part of the paper should identify the theory or concept the current issue is being used to demonstrate. The concept should be fully explained and include one academic journal source cite. Your textbook should also be used to cite from as well. 

The second part of the paper should explain the current event and how it applies to the theoretical concept.


Uncertainty Theory

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With uncertainty theory the basic idea is that the outcome of any matter cannot be determined outright or being certain that the insertion of an effect would result in a certain preferred outcome. You may have that kicking a ball will certainly move but to what velocity and the next stop of the ball is inconsequentially undetermined. In the case of a billiard table, when you roll a cue ball, trying to identify where the cue ball will bounce on the other eight balls will be uncertain, not known. But one can assume that you can measure the distance of the other balls; you would have certainly altered or manipulated the fate of the other balls but absolutely with no idea where the cue ball is going. This theory can be used to define moments outside science that fail as a result of underestimation. To expound on the concept of this theory on matters or relation building, Sunnafrank proposed a new formulation of Uncertainty Reduction Theory (URT) that he called predicted outcome value theory (POV). Borrowing heavily from both URT and social exchange perspectives, POV asserts that individuals make forecasts about the potential future of a relationship based on the things they learn during the process of uncertainty reduction. When predicted outcome values are high, as would be the case if you were talking to an attractive potential romantic partner or your new boss, the process of uncertainty reduction and the relationship itself is likely to continue. When predicted outcome values are low, as might be the case if someone says something distasteful or you find that you just do not have anything in common, the process of uncertainty reduction and the future of the relationship is in doubt

This paper will use the ideas of uncertainty theory to look into the war situation in Ukraine as a result of Russia's inversion.

The Attack of the Russians on Ukraine appeared like a crash mission that could be achieved within a very short time frame. It has now taken more effort than Russian troops estimated to have their mission done. There is a lot of destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine. Despite the many civilian deaths, this...


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