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Type 1 Diabetes

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 Total of 7 paragraphs as shown below. Since the paragraphs will be very short, we cannot afford wasteful information. No subtitles, but the topic sentence should give clue the question being answered. 


-How does society view Type 1 diabetes (what society thinks it is versus what it actually is, common beliefs and practices)?
-What are some signs and symptoms?
-How can patients comply with treatment regimens?
-How can patients make the right decisions to live a healthy life?
-What is the impact of Type 1 diabetes on health care resources?



Type 1 Diabetes


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Type 1 Diabetes

The failure of the body to produce enough insulin causes type 1 diabetes. Many people live with this disease; however, the majority has type 2 diabetes. Whereas the ailment is commonly diagnosed during early childhood, it can develop during adulthood. Various factors such as some viruses and genetics may lead to the development of this ailment. Consequently, this disease impacts social beliefs and health care resources as well as forcing patients to comply with treatment regimens and make healthy life decisions.

            The development of type 1 diabetes has changed how society views this ailment because of the severe effects on those affected. The disease changes the shared beliefs and practices because it is a critical social problem due to its high reaching impacts on the general society. Therefore, for Peltier, Goutman, and Callaghan (2014) the risks of developing type 1 diabetes results in significant lifestyle changes because people are forced to abandon the culture where poor eating habits, obesity and inactivity are common.

Patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes may exhibit blurred vision, fatigue, weight loss, extreme hunger, bed-wetting in children, frequent urination and, increased thirst as signs and symptoms. As opposed to type 2 diabetes where the warning signs remain mild in type 1 diabetes the symptoms generally occur quickly in a short period with the signs and symptoms being more severe (Ferzacca, 2012). Hence, these symptoms result from the damage of beta cells...


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