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Time Management as an Adult Learner

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Time Management as an Adult Learner


Time Management as an Adult Learner

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Time Management as an Adult Learner

Time management as an adult is not as easy as it may appear from a child's point of view. One may think that being an adult enables one to manage time without challenges, but mature people also have many responsibilities to accomplish in their lives. The prospect of managing time well relies on several factors, most of which are determined by a person's attitude towards activities they are expected to partake every day. As an adult, more responsibility is bestowed on them; most of them are meant to enhance the survival of other members of the family or even at the place of work. Balancing these diverse expectations makes it complicated to balance the time spent doing constructive activities and passive lifestyles.  Time management as an adult can be fructified through several strategies, some of which are; creating a duty catalog, liaising for synergy, and avoiding procrastination.

To begin with, creating a duty or responsibility catalog simply means listing activities of the day. According to Claessens et al. (2007), enumerating what one wants to do to instill motivation and focus since one will only prioritize activities that contribute to achieving a certain goal. In this case, adults who tend to maintain a list of deliverables per day are likely to have a high success rate in their overall time management behaviorism than those who do not enlist what they want to achieve. Additionally, Claessens et al. (2007) note that creating a time-table is an effective way of reminding an adult what they need to do at specific times.

Secondly, adults can manage time by liaising for synergy. Macan's (1994) perception of time management is that it can be complicated, mainly when one is overwhelmed by not understanding the specifics of the deliverables. In this case, it is essential to team up with a team that can help one know what...


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