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Thought and Practices Management-XYZ

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   UGB261 Management thought and practices  

Canvas & JIRA Deadline: Wednesday 3rd June 2020 14:00  


Learning outcomes  


Knowledge and Understanding 



K1.        Understanding of theories and conceptual frameworks regarding the discipline of ‘Management’ 

K2.         A detailed and critical awareness of a variety of ideas and contexts around Management functions skills 

S1.          An ability to identify appropriate solutions to Management issues 










3,000 words 




100       % of the marks for the module 




You are working as a Junior Operations Manager in a well-known organisation of your choice.  

As part of your responsibility, you have been asked to demonstrate the contribution of an Operations Manager to the growth and development of an organisation. 

You are to produce a report for the Board of directors in response to the following: 

 You need to recommend two management approaches which the organisation could take to ensure its management functions effectively to contribute to the design of the organisation in an emerging or changing environment.   

The report should cover the following: 

       How does operations management support the business aims and objective of your organisation. 

       Investigation into two management approaches to show how the organisation could ensure the business management functions contribute toward the growth and development of the organisation. 

       Analyse the importance of motivation in the workplace business 

       How does effective communication and team work support the business performance? 


The report must be fully Harvard referenced and make use of appendices material where appropriate. 





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Thought and Practices Management


The global retail business environment has experienced significant alterations that create extraordinary challenges for the contemporary management teams. International business changes increase the need for XYZ to use its operations management approaches to fulfill clients’ expectations. An Operations Manager schemes and controls production processes and restructures operations to maximize organizational output. At the firm, the operations management department governs corporate practices and utilizes resources from technology, equipment, and employees, enhancing efficiency levels. As a consequence, an Operations Manager at XYZ balances expenditure with returns to attain the highest net operating profit probable through administering and coordinating resources effectively and professionally to strengthen the attainment of organizational objectives. In this report, I will examine how the Operations Manager supports XYZ’s business ambitions, propose management approaches that will enhance corporate expansion, analyze the significance of motivation to the company's workforces and highlight the impact of teamwork and proper communication on the firm's productivity.

How does Operations Management Support the Business Aims and Objective?

Operations management supports XYZ’s business aims and objectives through promoting productivity since it enhances the coordination of communication practices. Krajewski, Ritzman, and Malhotra (2013) trusts that Operation Managers purpose to improve communication within an organization as they believe it maximizes output functions. When information moves from a department to another quickly and accurately, it increases the speed at which an entity operates and ensures that all relevant persons get the insights they require to be industrious. According to Matta, Chahed, Sahin, and Dallery (2014), an operations management section clarifies that instruments necessary to facilitate communication within a corporation are in place; therefore, complementing all other activities. For instance, at XYZ, the Operations Manager identifies and sets up essential computerized technology, calculates current inventory, and sends those details to other departments such as procurement and marketing to maintain service levels and meet customer needs. Enhancing communication practices spurs productivity. It lets management provide work teams with essential understandings on how they can use available resources in the best possible manner to attain end objectives.

Amongst practices of operations management, the identification of equipment upgrades and replacements helps XYZ’s leadership teams to back the realization of its corporate aims and purposes such as cost reduction. In their model, Matta et al. (2014) claim that one of the essential duties of an Operations Manager is to examine work functions and establish what equipment advancements would spur organizational productivity. Such processes entail office functions such as computer network and office equipment that can maximize a corporation's resources. According to Flores, Gavronski, Nardi, and Haag (2017), an Operations Manager determines which equipment alterations improve efficiency in a firm, creating financial estimates for implementing the changes and then submitting them to the top leadership for consideration and subsequent approval. At XYZ, the operation management approaches identify increasingly unreliable and aging equipment such as computers, vehicles, refrigerators, and freezers to reduce maintenance- and output-related costs. Consequently, the Operations Manager reduces costs of operation by ensuring that XYZ experiences optimal use of equipment while keeping scrap, support, and energy costs at a minimum.

Operations management lets XYZ sustain its aims and objectives since it helps in training work teams, making them productive. Flores et al. (2017) postulate that operating managers work together with the human resources department and top leadership teams to develop more practical approaches that support employees in augmenting service delivery. Examining work functions is among the most popular responsibilities of an Operations Manager. In the course of assessing the productivity of the business processes, the operations management divisions identify ways through which workers can maximize the output function (Krajewski et al., 2013). For instance, the Operations Manager at XYZ, working in conjunction with other departmental leaders, creates a training program that the workforce can undertake to strengthen their productivity, letting the company achieve its objectives. Training employees increases work teams’ performance engagement levels, ensuring that they stay longer at the firm, subsequently actively involving themselves in business processes, boosting output. Provision of training programs enhances levels of workers’ engagement and also develops them professionally hence amplifying their productivity and maximization of returns on investment.

By enhancing revenue collection operation management techniques allows XYZ to support its business aims and objectives through creating segments that identify more substantial pool opportunities. According to Kontoghiorghes (2016), billing and revenue collection is among the responsibilities of an Operations Manager. In the retail industry, operations management divisions examine revenues collection approaches, therefore creating ways of collecting incomes efficiently to make sure that a company has disposable cash. Krajewski et al. (2013) trusts that this amplifies an entity’s ability to enlarge its operations and negotiate purchasing deals with suppliers. For instance, the Operations Manager ensures that XYZ has an enhanced cash flow through an improved revenue collection process. It lets the firm convince vendors to extend significant lines of credit and increase the amount of products available for purchases. Implementation of effective reforms allows the business to handle dangers of rapid expansion since it guarantees stability in revenue flow by bridging the gap between the real and expected figures. With insights from other...


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