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The Story That Impacted my Life Significantly

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The Story That Impacted my Life Significantly






The Story That Impacted my Life Significantly

The name of the story that changed my life substantially is called "The Weight of the Glass." The story is about a professor who was teaching stress management principles to a group of students. He walked in with a half-full glass of water in the auditorium where the students had gathered. Students murmured in the thought of being asked the question of whether the glass was half empty or half full. Instead, the professor proceeded to ask them, “How heavy is this glass of water I am holding?" The students shouted different answers, all estimating the pounds the glass could weigh.

The professor answered that the weight of the glass did not matter, for it depended on how long she can hold the glass. She continued to explain that if she held the glass for two hours, her arm would ache. If she held the glass for a day, her arm would become paralyzed, forcing the glass to fall on the ground. The weight of the glass will not change, but the longer she held, the heavier it will feel on a person. She pointed out that the stress and worries in life are like the glass of water. When one thinks about their problems all day, they will become paralyzed, and nothing happens.

The story has lessons which include; One, Letting go of all worries and stress in life. With worrying too much yet, we can do nothing to resolve the issue that will cause more pain in life. The story explains how holding on to stress results in aching. Fear and worries paralyze our ability to concentrate on various instances, for example, work, school, and regular life schedules. In a situation where one encounters financial struggles, yet she is a student will require to put more effort into gaining skills and knowledge. It is as displayed from the story that worrying will add nothing but weakness in spirit.

The second lesson from the story is that all life choices will depend on a person’s ability to act. Without action to stop thinking, the problem can result in depression and other life-threatening illnesses. The...


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