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The Necessity of Marriage for Women in Australia’s Emma

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Essential background: In our Broadview Edition of Emma: Appendix C: William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England, "Of Parent and Child," pp. 435-436, and Appendix D: "Of the Husband and Wife," pp. 437-438.

Employing proper essay structure (with thesis, body, and conclusion), explain why, regardless of class rank or birth origin, marriage to the right man is deemed essential to the novel's main female characters: Emma Woodhouse, Harriet Smith, and Jane Fairfax. What is unique about the social position of each of them? Please cite examples from the novel and the appendices. Please be sure to provide full citation information for your quotations from the novel and the appendices.

**1000 words maximum--please observe the word limit.

**The entire essay must be typed into or pasted into the box provided. If you prefer to draft your essay in a Word or Google Doc, then when you're done, copy the text from the Word  or Google Doc and paste it into the box on CANVAS. Please do not submit your essay as an attached Word or Google Doc. 

**You must NOT consult any outside sources or receive any outside assistance while completing your essay. If I detect any signs of borrowing (plagiarism) or sharing of essays, you will receive no credit for this assignment. 

--Broadview Edition of Emma: Appendix C: William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England, "Of Parent and Child," pp. 435-436, and Appendix D: "Of the Husband and Wife," pp. 437-438.


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The Necessity of Marriage for Women in Australia’s Emma

The novel Emma by Jane Austen is romantic misunderstanding and youthful hubris; the novel is set in Highbury estate and involves relationships from a small number of families therein. The main families and their relationships addressed by the novel are Emma Woodhouse, the protagonist, Harriet Smith, and Jane Fairfax. The novel is like a comedy with manner presenting social status, sex, age, and marriage issues. The central idea within this novel is marriage. The perception of the institution of marriage in the 19th century is quite different from today. In those days, the highest rank in society was the more important it was to find the right partner, and love was not regarded as a force in marriage (Blackstone,437). Societal constraints do not hold down the three women, and they marry their desired partners even though they prove stubborn in their pursuit.

Emma feels that she deserves the best if she has to marry, some things that he has not dreamt of. She had the desire not to marry. The efforts that Emma feels that he put in making the marriage of her friend Miss Taylor. There is the feeling within Emma that she would wish to have her friend by his side and never to marry, but she is happy for her at the same time. "The real evils of Emma's situation were the power of having rather too much her way and a disposition to think a little too well of herself: these were the disadvantages which threatened alloy to her many enjoyments. The danger, however, was at present so unperceived, that they did not by any means rank as misfortunes with her" (Austen, 2). Emma has contributed in making her friend get her partner. She regards herself as a match-fixer of a sort. The narrator brings Emma who is stressing on good fortune, "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition," she has much of her disposition to think only well of herself. The position of Emma within this novel is ambiguous intact she does not have a good stand, she does not want to lead a marriage without love. She does have a reservation for "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition." There is the desire from Emma o have a good partner to her interest, and she does not want to have a rich partner who she does not love. The idea that Emma and her friends want to keep off from; the arranged marriages with expectations of economic success, but they do it within themselves. This does not curtail their quest to have the best marriage for themselves. Emma has struggled to make her friends have the best marriage and thus, needs a sought o replication. Emma has also...


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