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The labor conditions of the working class

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Labor conditions of the working class

Sources of opportunities

Sources of challenges


The labor conditions of the working class


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Labor conditions of the working class

According to (Druker, 1998: 12), [1]labor conditions are simply the factors that surround the working environment. These factors include the remuneration schemes and conditions of the offices where the employees are spending most of the time conducting business affairs.  On the other hand, working class entails the people who are engaged through a contractual agreement where they receive a payment on an agreed time frame. The working condition of the American early before the revolution of modest labor regulations was characterized by terrible situations that were not bearable to the employees, leave alone being comfortable. The conditions were deemed fit by the management of the organizations that were providing employment because the labor itself was not highly skilled. Wages were low, but the people were willing to do work as long as they were getting paid. Women would receive a half of what men were being paid, and in other instances, if the situation got better, they would earn at most two-third of what men were earning.

In most factories, the labor conditions were worse characterized by intensive manual labor. The employees would work for 12 to 16 hours a day. The working rooms were not very conducive with the only light coming from the sunlight through windows and a lot of smoke from pieces of machinery such that employees would get out from their respective working places covered by a black soot by the end of the working period. Due to these terrible working conditions, labor unions came to the rescue of the employees. The union strived at improving the working conditions, improving the pay, putting to a stop the forced labor and other labor related mistreatments. With these moderations, children were declared unemployable by union law, and more job opportunities were realized by releasing heavy burdens off the shoulders of the mistreated labor force (Druker, 1998:26)[2]

Sources of opportunities

Various situations can be presented in a workplace which can act as opportunities to both employees and the management. An opportunity is a chance that can be leveraged by a subject to benefit in one way or another. Employees with an organization can turn many work-related issues into opportunities. First, the workforce can use be diversified into various fields. When the workforce is diversified it mean that the employees can be able to perform in different sectors in the organization to either replace a vacant position temporality or help when one area is overwhelmed by work. A workforce that can be able to perform in the various sectors can enjoy an increase in pay since one can be able to show up to work during overtime or part-time when one is not busy in his field. Furthermore, a diverse workforce has a high chance of being promoted on the basis of the seniority system. Whenever an employee portrays an exceptional skill to perform in various sectors, the management can build confidence and trust on the subject which may make...


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