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The Importance of Ready to Wear

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Surprisingly, as Gucci was declining and through the period that Dawn Mello entered the stage to try to reverse the company's decline, Gucci had no ready to wear line.... When De Sole and Ford entered the picture, the first thing they did was to piece together a ready to wear line....From a strategic point of view .... why did they do this? What is the value / place of ready to wear in the attempt to turn this failing company around... what is its place in the efforts to build and grow the brand.... While you think about writing this paper, you should revisit your marketing fundamentals... and what you've learned from This Is Marketing... find and explore connections between, What the Customer needs, wants... what's the importance of your promise... what is the customer purchasing from you... how , through what activities, do you deliver on your promise... and how does Ready to Wear figure in the job you have to accomplish... Should be a fun inquiry... look forward to reading your thoughts,



The Importance of Ready to Wear

Customers are some of the essential factors in any business enterprise. The growth of a business established is determined by its marketing department's ability to attract and retain customers. The company's marketing units can only understand what customers need by applying marketing fundamentals. Customers are interested and remain loyal to an organization that delivers precisely what they want in commensuration to the value of money spent. Anything offered below the consumers' expectations is considered a total turn-off.

Initially, Gucci was doing marvelous in the industry until they sidelined the power fundamentals of marketing. Thus they started to provide their customers with the available goods in the market rather than following their tastes and preferences.  Most of Gucci's clients had ready-to-wear as their priority product line in the company. However, the organization's management and sales and marketing personal considered it small; hence they overlooked it. Upon realizing that the company is no longer proving ready to wear, which is their primary commodity, they hope to shift to the firm's competitors to get that essential item missing in Gucci. Ultimately, the organization experienced a decline...


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