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The impacts on Seniors Access to Nutritious Food in Rural NL Communities During the Covid-19 Pandemic Between 2019 and 2020

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 Food Access Crisis:

The impacts on Seniors Access to Nutritious Food in Rural NL Communities During the Covid-19 Pandemic Between 2019 and 2020

 Research Proposal

Note: Ignore appendices. I will add the appendices with the additional forms.

Develop a blank questionnaire/interview guides that would be used if this were an actual study,

Use 12-point font, 1" margins, single spacing.

 Avoid first-person and conversational tone.

In the grading of the research concept, I received 0 because it did not include a rationale. Would you mind incorporating that in this final research proposal?

Format (2 marks )

The proposal should be written in third person, formal writing style and should include the following components:

I have the title page already prepared

Project Summary (9 marks)

Statement of Ethical Issues (3 marks)

Identify any and all ethical issues associated with the research and indicate how these issues would be addressed. The following points should be reviewed: types of participants, recruitment process, confidentiality, voluntary participation, risks, and benefits.

Reference List (2 marks)

Using APA format, list the sources of information you have drawn on in the background research.

Appendices (4 marks)

Include the following in separate appendices:

Appendix A: A copy of the ready-to-use instrument(s) that would be used to gather primary information, in the form of a blank questionnaire and/or interview guides. If personal interviews are proposed, include your Interview Consent form

Appendix B: The signed Research Proposal Checklist to verify that you have read and complied with the assignment requirements (no value; one mark deducted if not included).




Impacts of COVID-19 on Nutritious Food Accessibility for Senior Citizens in Rural Communities of Newfoundland & Labrador

Student’s Name


Course Name/Number


Due Date

Table of Contents


Background of the study. 3

1.2 Problem Statement 3

Justification of Study. 4

Objectives of the study. 5

General Objective. 5

Specific Objectives. 5

Research Questions. 5

2.1 Food Accessibility Difficulties for Senior Citizens in Rural Areas and In Urban Areas during COVID-19 Pandemic. 6

2.1.1 Rural Areas. 6

2.1.2 Urban Areas. 7

2.2 Challenges faced by older adults in accessing food before and during Covid-19. 7

2.3 Factors nutritious food shortage among the older adults in Canada.

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