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The Big Bang

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# Scientific Referencing in AIP Format (American Institute of Physics) whereby only integers are used in Report text. Corresponding integers, with all citation information, appear in the Reference List (NOT a bibliography) at the end of the Report. A Reference List contains sources whose work you have actually cited/quoted/paraphrased in your Report 

#Minimum 4 to 10 sources one of which MUST be non-internet, i.e. one reference MUST be paper-based (book, newspaper, journal).


The Big Bang

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The Big Bang


The Big Bang provides a simplified account regarding the foundation of the universe. In simple terms, the concept posits that the universe arose from a small singularity, subsequently, in the next 13.8 billion years, it inflated into the present-day stars and galaxies[1]. As a cosmological model, the Big Bang Theory explains how high-temperature and high-density led to the expansion of the universe as well as describing phenomena such as Hubble’s law, cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, and the vastness of space components. However, today astronomers are incapable of investigating the universe's birth; therefore, only mathematical models and formulas provide pre-existing knowledge about the Big Bang. While the theory is hugely accepted, some theorists use eternal inflation as alternatives to explain the establishment of the universe. Understanding triggers of the Big Bang, appreciating its effects, and acknowledging other different perceptions are among essential elements that explain the development of this cosmological model.

What Triggered the Big Bang?

The space-permeating dark energy that accounts for a significant fraction of the universe’s total energy density created cosmic acceleration that caused the Big Bang. According to NASA, at a younger age, the universe most likely infused with dark energy; additionally, with lesser space, gravity dominated, limiting any expansion[2]. However, following significant years of expansion, the increasing presence of dark energy led to the acceleration of the enlargement of the universe[3]. Astronomers always assumed that the matter of the universe would affect extension since mass creates gravity, which causes pull, reducing expansion[4]. Evidence from supernovae defined gravity through revealing that instead of slowing, the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Therefore, it is clear that the mysterious dark energy assumes general relativity; even so, its mechanism and composition remain undefined, always pushing stars and galaxies apart. Dark energy is not the only factor that triggered the Big Bang Theory but also the formation of hydrogen.

In the beginning, the universe was too hot, inhibiting the presence of atoms; nonetheless, after cooling; it allowed nuclei to attract electrons, forming hydrogen that instigated cosmological phenomena. Following constant...


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