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The 4 Major Drugs

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The 4 Major Drugs


The 4 Major Drugs

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The 4 Major Drugs

A drug is any substance that alters an individual's physical and mental state when consumed. It manipulates how one's brain functions, how one feels and behaves, and their understanding and senses (Mulligan, 2022). Apart from affecting the users, drugs adversely affect the society in which the user lives. Heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana are commonly abused drugs. Many governments across the world prohibit the use of illegal drugs because their quality and prices are controlled, and most drugs are associated with crimes. This document will explore marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol as the primary drugs and the crimes they cause.


Alcohol is an ethanol-rich drink produced by the fermentation of fruits or cereals. It is a legal drug in many parts of the world. However, different countries set the legal minimum legal drinking age (MLDA). MLDA varies from one country to another. For example, The United States of America sets its minimum legal drinking age at 21 years according to the National Drinking Age Act of 1984 (Saffer & Grossman, 2017). In contrast, the minimum legal drinking age in the United Kingdom is 18 years. Although alcohol is a legal drug, it is associated with severe crimes.

Robbery is one of the crimes associated with alcohol use and addiction. Many cities in the United States of America are suffering a rapid increase in robbery perpetuated by alcohol addicts. According to the author, alcohol use accounts for 15% of robberies in the United States annually (Wintemute et al., 2018). Robbery is an economic-compulsive crime since alcohol users rob others to get money for buying drinks. Sexual assault is another crime perpetrated by individuals acting to drink alcohol. Sexual assault is a coerced sexual act that may entail intercourse, kissing, and touching. As commented by the author, alcohol-related sexual assault offenses account for 37% of the sexual assault crime in the United States of America (Wintemute et al., 2018). Sexual assault is a systematic crime since culprits are under the influence of alcohol.


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