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Synthesis Essay on Environmental Justice, Frontline Communities, and a Holistic Approach to Urbanization.

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Synthesis Essay on Environmental Justice, Frontline Communities, and a Holistic Approach to Urbanization.






Synthesis Essay on Environmental Justice, Frontline Communities, and a Holistic Approach to Urbanization.

The growth of towns can be traced to the industrial period, apparently, a time that brought about several environmental problems to the face of humanity. Growth of town was mainly due to an increase in trading activities that pulled people from different parts of the community and congregated them together to partake trading activities. For example, an increase in the industrialization meant that more pollution, in terms of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere. Additionally, natural resources would be over-exploited to a point where human and the life of other animals would be affected. Additionally, industries required a large population to take up the activities of production; people ended up settling around the industrial sites. Other populations would settle around market centres where they engaged in purchases and sale of commodities. The human settlement around these areas attracted increase pollution through damping of waste and overutilization of natural resources such as water. An investigation on how people settle in an area, environmental impacts, as well as how efficiency can be managed become handy. This report investigated environmental justice, frontier communities, and the holistic approach to urbanization.

Environmental justice is one of the most integrative community activities that pull stakeholder from different walks of life. The concept behind environmental justice is to facilitate participatory decision making in dealing with environmental issues affecting people in a community. One of the key aims of spearheading environmental justice in the contemporary world is to curb the adverse effects of climatic changes. In a Podcast about climatic change, J. Mijin Cha indicates that one unfortunate truth about climatic changes is that no one is immune. Noting the widespread of the effects of climatic changes, it is impossible to ignore that fact that irresponsible actions perpetrated by a community in one end of the country will automatically affect the entire region and the world at large.

The purpose of environmental justice is to facilitate good neighbourhoods. For example, some neighbourhoods have high pollution factors compared to others; it is due to these higher polluters effects that people in low-income communities cannot live in a good environment. For example, a lack of environmental justice among rich suburbs lead to dumping of wastes in improvised communities.  David, Daniel, and Hillary give the example of how North American cities such as New York, and San Francisco continue to suffer from the dumping of wastes within their community. The resulting problem of this spectacle is that such community continue to surfer low air quality and lack of proper and homely ambience such as green spaces with the neighbourhood.

Frontline communities are on the receiving end of the environmental degradation in the world today. These communities are not only ostracised to the United Stated, by they are all over the world. Every city in the world has a history of the people who are the first and the main recipient of negative environmental issues. Apparently, as noticed by David, Daniel, and Hillary, frontline communities, such as MedellĂ­n, Colombia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Boston, Massachusetts are continually disadvantaged, and the effort of elevating these communities have continually failed because of lack of cooperation between community members and authority. In this case, the community problem, despite being imposed on the frontier communities, need to be addressed by the people experiencing its weight.


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