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Supporting Studying Abroad

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Supporting Studying Abroad






Supporting Studying Abroad

Learning is one of commonly accomplishing human aspects; without knowledge, one can be considered disadvantaged, particularly in modern society. The main reason why the demand for education has increased is the variability of the market environment when only people with the finest skills and knowledge can land well-paying jobs. In line with this market demand, people worldwide have to align their learning desires with education opportunities presented in different nations. In this case, a shortfall of learning opportunities is in some regions, while others are highly endowed with such advantages. Therefore, studying abroad is better because it opens learners to personal growth, access to vast resources; however, an international student is exposed to cultural erosion.

First, international schooling boosts personal development. There is no better way to be knowledgeable than through experience and encountering life first-hand. When a student traveling abroad to seek knowledge, experience how people on the other side of the world live culminates to knowledge. Seeking schooling opportunities abroad leads to “personal development by providing experiences that facilitate international awareness, cross-cultural communication skills” (Lee et al. 774). Through international interaction, students are exposed to many chances of understanding how to relate with each other, how to communicate, and how to behave appropriately; all these attributes are key in a person's academic and career growth.

Also, studying abroad constitutes access to vast resources that learners need to become marketable. For example, according to Waibel, Knut, and Heiko, many international students move to foreign countries to seek a high quality of education, the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia being among the leading hosts of students seeking a better education. The quality of education narrows down to the existence of modern learning materials, well-trained instructors, better technology, and an enabling environment free from social and security problems that can destabilize learning. Therefore, students who seek global learning get the advance of accessing better learning resources.

However, despite these broad benefits of studying abroad, one can argue that students who go global get their cultures and eroded and end up failing...


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