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Stress as a Social Situation and Mental Health Issues

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Stress as a Social Situation and Mental Health Issues



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Stress as a Social Situation and Mental Health Issues


Stress is a state of mental strain or emotional strain culminating from compelling circumstances. The major sources of stress may include events or thoughts that can induce frustration, anger, and nervousness. It is the way a body reacts to a challenge or demand. However, elongated stress may result in colossal harm to the body’s health. Socially, severe stress can affect an individual’s relationships, daily routines and work environment, school, and other social encounters. On the other hand, a social anxiety disorder can be termed a chronic mental health condition whose only major remedy is learning coping skills in psychotherapy and taking medications. Therefore, these psychotherapeutically learned skills together with controlled medical attention, work to boost confidence and improves one’s ability to interact with other people.

Stress is closely linked to social depression that encompasses a set of conditions associated with the elevation or degradation of a person’s mood and behavioral orientation. Clinically, depressive stress is defined as a mental health disorder, characterized by a stressed mood and loss of interest in specific activities thus causing daily life impairment.  A scholarly review ‘The Culprit in Health and Disease’ portrays the mental issue as a complex problem that is backed by grave economic consequences for both the affected individuals (Singh, 2015). Besides, it proves that the public healthcare systems that cannot accommodate the significantly rising number of victims.

Despite rising interest in the role definition of attention bias in depressive stress, there is no study yet conducted on the changes that succeed the psychotherapeutic interventions (Vazquez et al., 2018). The study also indicates that Diabetes Mellitus poses a greater risk of depression and subsequent stress and degradation of life. However, there is no substantial information on the relationship between depression and poor quality of life more specifically in rural areas (Gupta et al., 2020). However, according to Tusa et al. (2019), there is a close examination of the healthcare service utilization with the major diagnosis being made on mental depression and its long-term impact on healthcare.

Stress and...


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