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Strategic Plan Improvements

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Week 8 - Assignment: Recommend Improvements Within a Strategic Plan
Congratulations, you have been promoted to XYZ University President! Your first task is to finalize the strategic plan, and then present the plan to the entire university, including staff, faculty, board members, and interested community members. Here is the list of issues still in need of a solution or recommendation:
• Student services is lacking in performance and students are complaining.
Seventy-nine percent of faculty members are adjunct and disengaged.
The school board is demanding more online courses.
The community and university staff lost trust in the previous university president.
For this assignment, based on what you have learned in this course regarding culture, motivation, leadership skills, communication, and decision making, address each item with your recommendations in a paper that will be included in the final strategic plan. Base your recommendations on the readings from the course and other peer-reviewed scholarly articles that you choose from the NCU library.
Length: 8-10 pages, not including the title and reference pages
References: Minimum of five scholarly resources to include three new peer-reviewed articles
Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Books and Resources for this Week
Hinton, K. E. (2012). A practical guide to strategic planning in higher education.

Society for College and University Planning.
Lion, R. W. (2011). A study of performance support in higher education. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 24(1), 49-67.

Mertkan, S., & Sugrue, C. (2014). Building institutional capacity: More accountability than autonomy? Journal of Organizational Change Management, ...




Strategic Plan Improvements




1.0 Introduction

Today, the most successful institutions of higher learning have one thing in common: a great strategic plan. Paul (2015) acknowledges that strategic planning is not just for non-profit organizations and businesses. As a result, any university with a mission to offer the best educational services and fulfill various interests of their students must have a plan in place. The creation and implementation of a strategic plan will help XYZ University to define what it aims to attain regarding the organizational goals and objective of the students. The community, board members, lecturers, parents, and students as the stakeholders of the university will strive for the same goals because a great strategic plan combines good communication and planning. The implementation process of a successful strategic plan is supported by proper management of time resources and budgetary allocation. Besides, this is complemented by the consistent monitoring of all progress as well as the establishment of high-output teams. In the recent years, XYZ University has faced various organizational challenges and issues. The implementation of a new strategic plan will ensure that these issues are dealt with considering the plan will articulate for effective organization.

2.0 Provision of students services

            The XYZ University students have long complained of poor performance that results from the lack of students services. The academic success and the quality of learning experience enjoyed by students are dependent on the provision of students support and services. Sternberg (2016) reveals that studies show that support for students, quality of service systems and learning experiences act as the most significant aspects of education quality assurance. It is evident that XYZ University needs to incorporate student support services in its operation. However, this move is counterproductive as it will increase the number of students and their needs. Consequently, this will ensure that more students enroll in the university thereby increasing the diversity of students experience while mitigating the dropout rate. The lack of students' services has resulted in the students at XYZ University failure to connect to academically, emotionally and socially to the institution at a cultural level. This leads to a good number of them giving up on their studies.

By providing students services, XYZ University will be preparing its students for active participation in the society. Besides, integration of students’ services in the university curricula will improve the level of community involvement through organization or promotion of internships. The lack of proper student services at the university has contributed to the poor learning opportunities a situation that has been aggravated by the low level of community involvement. The level of conflict resolution at the university is not admirable due to the lack of students’ services that often establish and encourage open methods of making decisions.  XYZ University will benefit substantially from the provision of student services because these policies will ensure that decisions are made, and controversial topics are addressed. The availability of these services provides that students can solve problems, decisions, and policies as a result of the values derived from the university management. Lion (2012) found out that student services should be focused towards meeting emotional, personal development and academic needs of students.

            To fully incorporate the students’ services policies XYZ University must commit, communicate, and hold itself accountable for improving and enhancing the experience of the students through a strategic plan. The university management must also ensure that it establishes a culture customer service and student-centered work that will ensure students can acquire relevant pieces of advice on their representation and services. Besides, the president of XYZ University will have to establish platforms that will provide students with the capacity to share their thoughts on specific areas. To monitor the progress of student services policies institutions need to implement a...


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