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Stranger in the Village

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Stranger in the Village

1. What is the relationship of paragraph 5 to paragraph 6?

2. According to Baldwin, what distinguishes Americans from other people? What it the purpose of highlighting these differences?


What is the relationship of paragraph 5 to paragraph 6?

            The relationship between the two paragraphs is that Baldwin writes about the village in Switzerland as well as the irony of the village's customs. From Baldwin's perspective, he explains that the villagers appear like children who are new to the dynamics of the world; thus this leads to the villagers lacking the sense of social decorum. Further, he states that the level of naivety in the villages has resulted in total lack of understanding concerning the relationship between from diverse backgrounds. Baldwin explains that the level of ignorance witnessed in the villages cannot be credited to the lack of education or a matter of stupidity. Rather, this is the case because of the desire of white people to hold onto their privilege and their refusal to accommodate change effective in the real world, thus resulting in instances of social injustice.


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