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Special Effects Use in “Citizen Kane.”

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Special Effects Use in “Citizen Kane.”


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December 15, 2020

Special Effects Use in “Citizen Kane.”

The movie “Citizen Kane” was written by Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles and directed by Orson Welles in 1941. The movie is very popular despite being several decades old because it is timeless in addressing Americans' minds in different life aspects. The movie addresses the idea of business, capitalism, and socialism in the American context. The film’s main message is that memory is key in people’s life. To understand how Orson Welles construed different themes, this paper analysis cinematography distinctions and the application of specific special effects.

One of the main cinematography variations that the director uses is exaggerated camera angles. 4:58-4:50 into the film, a group of people are seen on top of a buildings' window waving downwards; this is applying low-angle focus. This technique is used in cinematography to shows a distinction between two variables. For example, the people at the top of the building are seen from a predominantly different walk of life, while the being waved at is of a lower social's status.

The second cinematic art applied in the movie “Citizen Kane” is the deep focus. In the first scene, we can see how deep focus is being applied to understand that the scene has introduced a different and critical subject matter. In the deep focus mode, Mr. and Mrs. Kane engage in a conversation about Charles when he was a child. It shows how Charles is clueless about his future and his mother's decision towards his life. It shows the day that Charles leaves his mother's side. Besides, the application of deep focus helps the...


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