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Special Education Assignment

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As classroom leaders, teachers have many opportunities to encourage everyone to respect people of all backgrounds and abilities, and promote a positive classroom environment that supports learning and decreases disruptive behavior. Teachers should reflect on their own values and beliefs in order to understand any underlying effects these beliefs may have on their instruction and interaction styles with students. Such awareness can help teachers be more objective, have more empathy and understanding of others, and set the tone for a respectful and cooperative learning environment.


Prepare a 825-1,000-word reflective essay on the topic of diversity and learning environments. Within your essay, address the following:


1.     Describe personal frames of reference regarding cultural, linguistic, and gender differences. Reflect upon how your personal background and frames of reference can, however unintentionally, create bias in your relationships with students and families, how you design instruction, and the classroom environment you promote.


2.     Describe specific ways to decrease potential bias in your classroom, including ways to incorporate your students’ abilities, interests, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds into the learning environment.


3.     Review the “Integration of Faith and Work at GCU.” Using this as a guide, discuss how Christian values align with establishing a multicultural classroom that demonstrates and teaches how to respect people of all backgrounds and abilities.


Support your essay with 3-5 scholarly resources, including the “Integration of Faith and Work at GCU” article.




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Special Education Assignment


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Special Education Assignment


Frames of reference can be described as a set of persons' assumptions that trigger them to conclude other people based on their behavior. Hence, regarding linguistic, culture, and gender in the academic world frame of reference is the assumptions teachers employ in estimating student performance capability in class based on their behavior. This paper will reflect on how the frames of references relating to cultural gender difference and linguistic fuel unconditional biasness among teachers and students. Further, the article will explore the mechanism that helps establish diversity and counter bias in learning environments.

Questions 1: Reflection of How Personal Frame Reference Occasion Unconditional Bias in Learning Environment

The perception...


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