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Social Work Assignment: Care Act 2014

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The main areas of the Care Act 2014.

What government guidance underpin this legislation

The main areas in Children Act 1989, especially child in need and child protection           

What government guidance would underpin the legislation

Importance of the legislation and how it supports or may constrain service users’ rights


Social Work Assignment: Care Act 2014



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The main areas of the Care Act 2014.

The idea of the Care Act 2014 is to instill wellness among the elderly by providing them with the support they need to lead satisfying lives. The Act was enacted in 2014 (implemented from 2015) and insisted on mapping eligible people who needed help to positively impact their wellbeing (Feldon, 2017). The Act has many main areas, the first one being empowerment. The idea of the Act is to empower the elderly who live in neglected areas, those who cannot access basic needs, those suffering from terminal illnesses, or an older adult not living a fulfilling life due to one reason or another. The second key area is the protection of those needing the Care Act 2014. This provides services to users by understanding the problems they face in society. For example, caregivers under Care Act 2014 will want to understand a history of abuse and how best they can help the affected population (Slasberg & Beresford, 2014).

The third main area is prevention, which means being proactive in noting things that might be stressful for the elderly and solving them before they emerge. Care services providers may also train people to know when particular dangers will occur. The fourth key attribute of the Act is proportionality, which means help applied to different people in the community should be appropriate for their nature of needs. For example, some people in the community who are wealthy and old need care that does not entail financial help, while others are poor and need financial aid (Hunter et al., 2020).

What government guidance underpin this legislation

The key government guidance that underpins the legislation is eligibility criteria that determine people put under the Care Act 2014 system and those considered less need. According to


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