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Social Media for Better Writing

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in this 2 page the subject is about arguing about 2 ideas that one of them support and the other says it is a bad idea then i will still support same idea and say it is a good idea which is learning writing from the social media, in another word want an introduction a body paragraph one that supports the idea, then body paragraph 2 that supports the idea as well then in the third body paragraph it will be like (some people say social media makes our writing bad because..... but i think it is good because....) (prolepsis)
finally a conclusion
please use simple words


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Social Media for Better Writing

The largest percentage of students in compass level are active in not less than one social media each irrespective of the geographical location of the student. The most popular social media include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and not only enabling their users to improve the ability to write succinctly but also present them with an opportunity to learn from gurus. Social media would allow users to write better even in exams and other formal writings, however, some people believe that social media are not appropriate for academic purposes.

 Social media enable students to increase succinctly writing ability. In most cases, few are used to pass the intended message across to the audience in a social media platform. The ability of a student to deduce the required information from a few words would give the student upper hand in summary writing after the lecture and in describing an event or telling a story. Besides, the student's creative writing is boosted making him able to write efficiently. Even when few words are used, writers will ensure that appropriate grammar is used in the event of academic and other formal writing. Grammatical skills attained from social media would help the academic writer serve their clients with error-free work which save them from reworking their assignments.

 Students and writers get an opportunity to learn from experts. There exists plenty of information on the internet which is freely accessible by any person willing and able to learn new ideas. Most of the individuals and sites which provide advice on language matter are also active in social media like Skype or have a YouTube channel via which they respond to related grammatical questions...


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