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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -Jounal Entry

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -Jounal Entry


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Journal Entry

The tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight narrates the pact made between Green Knight and Sir Gawain. Green Knight storms King Arthur's court some days to Christmas, whereby he offers and, in the challenges, he asserts whoever is ready for the challenge mush green night's head using his own ax but the challenger to look for the Green Knight after the lapse of one year. Gawain took the challenge but ultimately fails and terribly (Andrew Ronald). Tale of The Wife of Bath’s Prologue discusses the life of a woman who had been married to more than five men. The lady woman uses bible verses to defend her failure to keep her husband. The woman admits that the men she comes across are good, but she is the problem.

According to the tale, Gawain and Green Knight, absolute truth is defined as remaining faithful to your vows in the pact and complying with all of them failed to which an individual lands himself into trouble. Gawain's failure to give all day earnings to the Lord shows a lack of absolute truth, while the Lord showcases the whole truth and exchanging his valuable day hunting with mere kisses from Gawain.

In Gawain and Green Knight, both Biblical and Aristotelian ethics are depicted by the Lord by welcoming Gawain into his castle when he has no place to hear mass during Christmas. Besides, He remained faithful to Gawain's promises to exchange his day hunting with anything Gawain will have earned during the day. Similarly, the older man who is one of the five husbands to the woman in the wife Bath's Prologue shows both Biblical and Aristotelian ethics when he gives his wife what she wants with quarreling her after a false accusation of having an affair with other women.

Sir Gawain’s lack of both Biblical ethics is depicted by not being faithful to his promises of giving the Lord everything he earns during the day. The lack of ethics was meant to...


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