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Settlement Journey of New Immigrants and Refugees Students in Canadian High Schools

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Settlement Journey of New Immigrants and Refugees Students in Canadian High Schools


Settlement Journey of New Immigrants and Refugees Students in Canadian High Schools

Major Academic Report

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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

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This paper investigated factors that impact refugees and immigrant students’ ease of joining the Canadian school system among refugees and immigrants. This research is essential since its findings could become important to different sector organizations in Canada, notably, settlement agencies or volunteer group organizations. The purpose of this major academic report (MAR) was to answer the following study questions: (a) What are the impacts of the pre-arrival challenges and post-arrival contributions of immigrants on their settlement process into the school system in Canada?; (b) What is the effect of the difference in educational practices and social circle conduct between their homeland and Canada on the integration process of immigrants into the school system?; and, (c) How do immigrants’ psychological pressure and adjustment experience affect their settlement into the school system in Canada? This paper is the result of a systematic literature review and aimed to explore the settlement journey of new immigrants and refugee students into Canadian High Schools. To elaborate and anchor the study on existing literature, the report relied on theoretical framework and utilized theories such as social integration, theory of assimilation, and TPI theory. The methodology of the study entailed literature reviews to gain both qualitative and quantitative points of view from existing studies. The review revealed that pre-arrival challenges, immigrants' contribution on broader society, the difference in educational practices between their homeland and Canada, psychological pressure, adjustment experience, and social cohorts impact the settlement of school-aged newcomers in Canadian high schools. In answering the topical questions, the study identified a research gap, leading to the suggestion that in future academicians should investigate the practices that can assist newly arrived students in integrating into the Canadian educational system.


Key words: Integration; Canadian educational system; educational practices; challenges and barriers; integration, coping and adjustment.


Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Contextual Background

Statement of the Problem


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