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Seriousness of Education as Perceived by the Young Generation

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Seriousness of Education as Perceived by the Young Generation


Seriousness of Education as Perceived by the Young Generation


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The main issue that concerns me most is the decreased importance that young people have attached to the school. It has always been my worry why the young people of today take education with little seriousness. Most of the students do not realize how they can utilize this opportunity and that the actions they take know will have a significant bearing on their lives in future. I guess it is because I was raised up, and surrounded by a society that believed in nothing less than education for prosperity.

My family did not stand aside in role to fructify my education and ensure I became somebody in future. From when I was four years of age to my eighth grade, I was schooled in a small private school located in a church. In those years my parents were overprotective, which was normal considering that I was their only child, and a couple of friends who I knew since diapers never left me, walked hand in hand with me in my lower school. My family was not exactly affluent, but many sacrifices were committed to supporting me acquire what was most desired and apparently considered necessary for me, education. My class had about ten to fifteen kids that were much disciplined; I remember we would stand every time the teacher walked into the classroom, pay attention when we were being taught, and far more importantly learned what we were expected to. To build my compliance, rather than reliance, my parent took me to church and maintained a very strict schedule with an abundance of assignments which was sometimes unbearable. Therefore, the family plays a vital role in improving the perception young people hold about education

The community is not left behind in addressing the demining desire for education. In most cases, when the students turn up to be unsuccessful in the upbringing due to factors that could have been addressed at an earlier stage,  the community suffers from underdevelopment, unemployment, and an increase in criminal activities that degrades the name and apparently the growth of the community. With the realization of the greater good, I joined my middle school with an intense shear focus excel, redeem the society expectations, and most importantly make my...


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