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Selected Population: Black Unmarried Homeless people

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Discuss and suggest to methods of implementing evidence-based practices in the agency

Analyze the findings from the articles you researched 


Selected Population: Black Unmarried Homeless people

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Population Served

v One of the key sub-group served by the Agency entails unmarried black population.

v One key feature of this population is that they lack financial independence and are homeless.

v According to United States Census Estimate of 2019, blacks constitute 13.4% of the entire America population.

v United States Census Estimate of 2019 also shows quantitative information that there were about 120,756,048 households spread across all cultures and subgroups.

v Out of these houses, unmarried black constitutes a bigger percentage.

Harm Reduction

v National Harm Reduction Coalition indicates that the problem of homelessness leads health, physical, emotional, and psychological effects associated prevalent among the unmarried black population.

v The first approach utilized by the agency to manage harm is sensitizing participants to accept their conditions and work towards bettering the situation.

v The agency also focuses on the quality of individuals and community well-being (Pauly et al., 2013)

v In the promotion of well-being, the agency focuses on; v Social relief funds provision
v Affordable housing schemes
v Job creation

v Policy formulation and implementation
v The first policy of harm minimization adopted by the agency is boosting participants autonomy.

Participants are made to understand that they are the agents of the change they want to experience. v For example, is a client in the selected population is addicted to drugs, the agency does not

castigate for immediate change, rather gives participants a chance to change and get helped (Stone and Ward, 2011).

Solutions Focused

v The Agency focused on the following critical long-term


  • §  -Boosting crisis response systems.

  • §  -Preventing homeless by solving social problems among the selected


  • §  -Encouraging co-housing and cost-sharing among the single black people.

  • §  -Soliciting for lost-cost houses for the black population.


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