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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

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Issue: Should college ditch the SAT?

Make a compelling argument for the issue first
And then make a compelling argument against the issue.

State your position: What would your decision be? Why do you believe as you do?

And what are the implications of your position for student affairs practice

Include at least four references and at least one should be from a refereed journal.


Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test in the United States used for students joining college and universities for admissions of undergraduate programs (Zulkoski et al., 2017). SAT is administered by the College Board. In the year ended 2020, the College Board contacted approximately 2.19 million high school graduates. The results of the test are used by most universities and colleges offering undergraduate programs in the United States. Over the last years, SAT has attracted a debate on whether it should be abandoned or not. Colleges and universities today face a lot of legal challenges challenging them to keep off refining policies to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion in their campuses. Covid-19 played a significant role in making changes to SAT because of the restriction of movement to the testing centers.  

SAT tests should be abolished. These tests are to some extend are not an accurate depiction of the abilities that a student poses. In some cases, the tests are done by students under very high pressure because of the nature of consequences that comes along with failing the test (Soares et al., 2020). It is actually unfair to test the abilities of a student who has passed in their academics in high schools with just an ordinary one-time test. If the tests were done in a wide context, then it would prove to be reliable for testing these students. Also, these tests involving testing some students who are not great risk-takers, but they do have other conserved qua; cities and impressive abilities.

In addition, SAT has a long-standing issue of inaccuracy, bias, coachability, and misuse. SAT has received a lot of criticism, with many complaining of race, class, and gender-based biases (Appelrouth et al., 2019). The affluent,...


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