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Risk Assessment


This five page final paper should represent a more detailed analysis of the subject you choose to research as your final endeavor. Identify a current event or an issue (such as privacy or security) that contains many of the elements of risk we have discussed this quarter. Describe its significance, including the risk exposure that such an event poses to the enterprise. Is there government oversight and/or government regulations that should have prevented the event from occurring? Where did things break down? What do you recommend happen to reduce the risk around such an event recurring? Your presentation will have two parts: the paper itself, as well as an oral presentation of five minutes maximum to the class. It should be in the standard format recommended for this class.  Please note that you must use endnotes or footnotes, not in line citations. Papers will be graded based on structure, analysis, style and originality of thought; and upon how you apply and reference the work we've been doing in class. The paper will be graded according to the following criteria: Response Content (60%)  Demonstrates significant mastery of core concepts in this course Advances a clear and convincing line of argument Shows comprehension of the readings, lectures and discussions Presents original analysis Presentation (40%) Organizes argument logically with clear and well-considered structure Uses correct grammar and punctuation Writes in clear, concise sentences Deploys appropriate professional vocabulary Properly cites reading Total (100%)  Reference Documents: Papers submitted must conform to the requirements outlined in this document: Standard Manuscript Format for PapersSpring2018-1.doc.  Citations are an important part of your writing. For the recommended style, see AStyleGuideforCitations.pdf You also have to use citations from the readings and lecture notes. (At least 2 for each) along with your own research with citations <- These are very important.  I have attached some reading and slides in uploaded files. This is a very very important paper for me.
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