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Response to data processing center

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Response to data processing center


Response to data processing center

Date: 5 Aug

To: Roosevelt Monroe, for the data processing staff

From: Mary Ann O’ Connell, General Manager

I have received your concerns with gratitude. I will take this issue into consideration by engaging a team of experts in mitigating the problem. The team will comprise of the software analyst from the information and communication department, the finance section personnel for proving the budget approximation, the system administrators, and other computer systems gurus.  However, before the team actively engage the existing process of problem-solving, I require you to assess the current circumstances bringing about the issue and submit to me a comprehensive report on the same. The team of experts will be selected based on the scope and the level at which the problem had spread.  As the leader of the team, I will ensure members are well remunerated, regarding allowances and the provision of a favorable environment for that exercise.

Additionally, I will provide the team with any relevant information regarding the system in an endeavor to solve the current problem. I am also committed to providing extensive support of financial requirement from the supplementary budget upon request. The driving force and the determination to continue performing is crucial. I will motivate the members by assuring them and maintaining their confidence in ensuring an open door policy where everyone’s concern can be taken into account. To ensure minimal interruption, I will create and define boundaries based on professionalism for better coordination. I will also make sure that every member is engaged in this exercise.


Response to Human resource department

Date: 5th August

To: Lucy

From: Mary Ann O’ Connell, General Manager


I am grateful for your thoughtful concerns. I believe with these initial projections you will have a huge role to play in fructifying my projections and proposed changes. My original statement on proposed remuneration changes was intentional and in order. I meant every word I articulated during our previous interaction. Based on the increasing changes in the way businesses are run in the current competitive environment, I believe a change in the performance and key indicators will do us good. In effect, I would like us to modify the system and focus more on the process. I am working towards coming up with a team that will create a comprehensive evaluation criterion that will be used throughout the departments to measure and appraise the success. This team will comprise of the representative from the human resource department, the director of the human resource relationship and myself.

I believe various challenges will be faced in coming up with evaluation criterion. Some of this challenges will include lack of participation and fear of change by the employees in question. In this regard, I will provide my support by creating an open door policy where all the concerns can be raised for my attention. By doing this, I will inevitably create the required motivation and feeling of arousal that is needed in moving this agenda ahead. The participants will be selected based on the level of expertise on industrial relations matters. Through engaging others, I will promote participation by putting into consideration the individual review by the participants.


Response to Midwest state university

Date: 24 May

To: Lester Frost

From: Mary Ann O’ Connell, General Manager



Hello, Lester. It is my hope you are doing sufficient research concerning your position in our company. I am pleased with your concern regarding clarity on your role in Development Associates. As our potential new member of staffs, I would like to assure safe working environment with a prompt resolution for...


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