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Response to: America's Orchestras are in Crisis

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Response to: America's Orchestras are in Crisis


Response to: America's Orchestras are in Crisis


Question 1

The article, “America's Orchestras are in Crisis,” written by Phillip Kennecott, discusses how the orchestra has suffered over several years. The author's main premise is that people worldwide have consistently refused to honor the orchestra genre, which has led to considerably low performance. Significant blame is mounted on the individual groups and performers in the orchestra sector to lack convincing people the need to adopt and treasure the genre. Kennecott’s article focuses on proving that the orchestra's sector is no longer the same; the dynamism in the world has changed the people's attitudes towards classical music and the changed social-economic landscape.

However, today's underlying aspects affecting the orchestra genre seem to emanate to a broader problem rather than the existence of internal inefficiencies.  From correlating assigned reading, culture determines, to a greater level, how people adopt and adore different genres of music. For example, personally, I know many songs associated with specific communities, for example, popular genres for the black people and those practices by mainstream society. Due to this diversity, Kennicott believes that the over-popularization of some genre has dined orchestra a chance to shine amidst the current generation.

Additionally, Kennicott's reflects on an essential aspect in a bid to explain why the orchestra is lagging. The author establishes that economic hardships, starting as early as 2008, can partially be blamed for slow-down in orchestra musicals' popularity.  Kennicott is not the only author to believe economic direction have had a critical effect on how people perceive music, mainly most of the readings complete in class coincide in some genre...


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