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Research Methodology: How Can Lego Company Be Successful in China?

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Research Methodology: How Can Lego Company Be Successful in China?


Research Methodology: How Can Lego Company Be Successful in China?

5.0 Introduction

            Research methodology will outline the procedures and designs that will be used in this research project. This section will provide the required descriptions on various areas, for example, instruments of research, target population and sample size, sampling techniques, as well as other variable specifications. Besides, under research methodology, the researcher will elaborate on the data collection and analysis methods that will be used to provide answers to the research questions. The theoretical parts that will be used in this section will be supported by different sources that will provide the required empirical pieces of evidence.

5.1 Research design

            A descriptive research design proposal will be used on this research proposal. Groenewold and Lessard-Phillips (2012, p.45) assert that a research design that is primarily descriptive is significant in the process of collecting valuable information regarding the status of the conditions under investigation as well as an overview of the observed facts. The method of data collection and analysis used in this research proposal will rely on the descriptive research design. This assertion is supported by Adams, Fujii, and Mackey (2005, p.73), who opine that in descriptive research the process of data collection is highlighted hence acting as en essential cog in the process of answering the research questions. Therefore, this research design will provide definitions to specific situations more accurately. The usage of descriptive research design will be the best fit for this research proposal at it will make it easier for the researcher to collect the required data under a specific period hence easily defining the current situation. Consequently, the usefulness of this research design is highlighted by the ease in collecting data.

5.2 Population and sample size

            This design covers the areas under which Lego Company...


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