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Report template Retailer

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RETAILER REPRESENTATIVE__________mohammed________________________________ MANUFACTURER REPRESENTATIVE________luke___________________________


A.     Quantity to be ordered

     Current style(s) business shirts__________50_______________ %

     Knit sport shirts ______________________50______________ %

     Overall increase/decrease in total units purchased____100________

     Minimum Qty to be ordered ______600_____________________


B.     Retail margin for retailer ______3%__ per shirt


C.     Advertising



              Cost split _____________50-50______________________________________________    Content Responsibility ______full control___________________________________________


D.     Shelf Space change________10______   % increase/decrease 



E. Trolley Supply

          Number to be supplied 

          Contribution per trolley_____________________400_______

           When to supply the trolley(s) to Retailer________next shipment



F. Order time________7_______days


G. Price promotions Number


Any other particulars:____increase in demand, if demand is not increased back to


H. Payment, discount period ____12________days


I.  Special packaging


Period of time_______________3 months___________


Cost responsibility _____________33%__manufacturer 67%retailer_______


J. Ongoing commitment


Nature of any agreement reached:__________agreed that if supply is maintained commitment will last at least a year__________________________________


K. Other areas negotiated and decisions reached


We hereby agree that the decisions outlined above are agreed to by both parties;





Report 45% due Friday 28 May @ 11PM

Your Name and Student ID:


Your role in the negotiation exercise:


Your negotiation partner’s name and student ID:


Your negotiation partner’s role:


The word limit is 2000 words +/- 10%. Type the assignment in report format using Times New Roman 12 with single line spacing. All referencing must be in Harvard style. Attach your Decision sheet with the template before submitting the assignment. Decision sheet, executive summary, table of contents, any other tables, diagrams, references, and appendices are not counted in the word limit 2000. Read the guidelines in the learning guide and on the vUWS. Submit to the turn it in the link in Assessment 3 folder.

There is no cover sheet.

Write below this line.



The retailer negotiated with the manufacturer on how they would carry out a business transaction between the two with some goals to achieve. One of the goals of negotiating with the manufacturer is to enjoy reduced operational costs as a retailer. Olimovich et al. (2020) argue that marketing is crucial for any business that wants to succeed in any industry. It helps attract new customer customers to purchase from the business establishment and allows a company to retain customer loyalty to guarantee repeat purchases. Although marketing is beneficial to the retailer, it requires enormous capital investment and would consume a substantial amount of its profits. Therefore, the retailer considered it helpful to negotiate marketing cost-sharing with the manufacturer. Second, the retailer aimed at getting cash discounts from the negotiation with the manufacturer. Profit is the primary purpose for every company to enter into business. Business owners strive to maximize the return on investments they make in the business. Reduced operational cost is the prime way to realizes higher profit margins. A cash discount is another strategy for enhancing company profit. Through the negotiation, the parties agreed that the retailer would enjoy a cash discount on timely payment. Retailers would use timely payment as an opportunity to reduce the cost of purchases through cash discounts and sell the product at a normal price to the final to make extra income. The parties used an accommodator-oriented relationship to arrive at the above business transaction goals. According to Gerlach (2020), this negotiation approach helps parties develop interest in each other's ideas and promote long-term relationships. The negotiation between the retailer and the manufacturer agreed on several aspects that supported business transactions between the two parties. Besides, the negotiation resulted in a long-term business relationship between the manufacturers since they agreed on the minimum order quantity and the duration within which the contract between the two should remain unaltered. The report explores the rationale for the retailer and manufacturer agreeing with the negotiation outcomes.


Why the retailer agreed to the outcome of negotiation

Short-term benefits that made the retailer agree to the results of the negotiation


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