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Reflective Journal- Reflection on the Synergy within a Team

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Reflective Journal- Reflection on the Synergy within a Team










Reflective Journal: Reflection on the Synergy within a Team

Main Part of My Reflection

Over the last couple of weeks, we have engaged in reporting writing about My Neighbor Bakes. This has been the most educative and interactive part of the semester. My interaction with other learners has also taught me several things that I did not know about myself. For example, I have learned I can easily get agitated by a lack of coordination, unity of direction, and synergy within a team. However, over the reporting writing period I have learned much tolerance, coherence, and encouraging inclusivity even when our learning ideas of broadly diverse. This reflection highlights main events, interprets them, show their importance in my learning process, and how I can leverage in the future

Week 2: sharing group responsibility

Upon receiving the group task, we held a group discussion to distribute the task among ourselves. The entire task was shared among five members who formed the whole team. One of our group members was assigned a leading role to help to distribute ask among all members. All the members remained calm during responsibility sharing, and each member agreed to tackle a portion of the task he/she was assigned. After each group member got a fair share of responsibility, we agreed on the frequency with which we would be meeting to evaluate each member’s progress and set a final deadline for compiling the report. I felt that sharing responsibility among members was fair because it was done in an open forum allowing each member to air their views. Besides, none of the members raised issue after the sharing of responsibilities. I was assigned to tackle four parts of the group task: marketing analysis, environmental analysis, and company analysis and control procedures.  I was contented with tackling such tasks exhaustively. Finally, after every member had got his or her portion of execution, we further held a general discussion in which we reviewed all the topics comprising our group work to ensure that every person understands his/her role and the content required. Besides, we planned to hold a group discussion every Friday after classes before we departure for home. The weekly discussion was aimed at each member's burning issues with regard to our report work.


Week 3: developing a plan

In the third week I went through my allocated task portion and distributed throughout the allotted period, after which we were supposed to meet to compile the progressive report. In my task, I planned much of the work to be done in the early days to avoid last minute rush. I set my primary task objective in delivering excellent work before deadline. Besides, I had short term milestone, which involved the evaluation of performance after completing each task segments to determine whether I have delivered the desired work within my planned timeframe or not. Whenever I identified some mistakes, I would work it out before proceeding to the task segment. For instance, in my first phase, I worked on environment analysis, but after completing I realized I had not captured legal factors in my report, hence I had to fine-tune that...


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Reflective Journal: Reflection on the Synergy within a Team Main Part of My Reflection

Reflective Journal: Reflection on the Synergy within a Team  Main Part of My Reflection
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