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Reflection: factors contributed to my food and activity choices

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Reflection: factors contributed to my food and activity choices


Reflection: factors contributed to my food and activity choices

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Reflection: factors contributed to my food and activity choices

Many factors contributed to my food and activity choices. First, I ate depending on how 'worn out' I felt. When I was exhausted, I knew I needed the energy to rejuvenate; therefore, I would eat food that is rich in energy. This aspect was common in all my meals. For example, when I was participating in a community event, I had to eat food to regain the energy I had spent during the activity. This was, I would even eat amounts based on how I felt I wanted to gain energy. The second factor that contributed to my food choice is appetizing nature. As noted in my food journal, I tool waffles almost every day, mainly because I like how they taste and also because they would give a good start of the day. On the side of activity choices, factors such as availability of time played a part. For example, I would plan to work out sometime, but I would end up taking a walk due to the limitation of time balancing from one activity and another. This balancing was not easy for me because I always felt I was missing something.

I would like to change several things about my diet and physical activities. First, I would like to eat fewer animal products. My food journal is dominated by animal products such as meat. I think these types of food give me a lot of protein, which ends up making me look fluffy. According to Tsakiridou et al. (2009), food choices should be aligned with body needs. This way, I know I need to improve and eat fewer animal products. Also, regarding my exercising, I know I have not done enough. For example, as noted in the journal, I exercised only two days of the four days that I was tracking. I want to get more involved in many events, such as participating in games and running, mainly for school events. If I can improve these two areas, I feel I would be more physically fit and healthy.


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