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reflection Essay; Explain how the process of completing your research project has affected your understanding of an issue or event in society.

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Outcomes you should achieve by completing this assignment

·         Organize information clearly in an explanatory essay (Course outcomes 3 and 4)

·         Use an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement and a concluding paragraph to frame an essay (Course outcomes 3 and 4)

·         Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing (Course outcome 5)


You began your research project by reading an article from the news about a current issue or event in society. Your goal in this essay is to explain to your professor how the research and writing you have done for your research project changed your understanding of that issue or event. You will explain what changes occurred in your understanding and how those changes occurred.

Here are some questions you can consider in developing ideas for your essay:

·         What changes occurred in your understanding?

o    Do you know more about the issue/event now than you did before? (Probably!)

o    Do you look at the issue/event from a different perspective following your research?

o    Have you reconsidered opinions or assumptions that you held at the beginning of the semester?

·         How did those changes occur?

o    Which sources from your research had the greatest effect on your understanding?

o    Did the process of writing about your topic affect the way you thought about it?

o    What role did interaction with your classmates and/or professor play in your understanding of your topic?

Organizing and supporting your essay

Your essay must include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction should gain your reader’s attention, orient the reader to your topic, and state your thesis.

Here's an example of a thesis statement: 

When I began my research process, I presumed I knew the topic well and that many sources would support my argument; however, the more research I did, the more I realized how wrong I was in my presumption. 


Reflection Essay: Explain how the process of completing your research project has affected your understanding of an issue or event in society.

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In the mid of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a time to fear others and leave away from them. It was a time that I feared my siblings and relatives; I could call them nearly after five hours to confirm their state. It had become like horror, with everyone fearing what tomorrow shall be. It was a time that, as a medical practitioner, one had to be afraid. I approached my research paper on the changes that have been affected by covid -19 negatively with a negative perception as well. I thought of Covid-19 having entirely ruined the economy and the livelihoods of the people. The pandemic had also changed the normal, and now we have a new normal until things are slowly returning to the old normal. Coronavirus pandemic had brought a view of the world as an unbearable place to live anymore. This was the first pandemic of its kind that I have witnessed in my lifetime, and it came to a point in life that I thought there was no more future, maybe could be there presumably to the strong and stout optimistic. When I started to work on my research on the negative effects of coronavirus pandemic, I thought that the research would align with my assumptions that my sources would support my idea that covid has destroyed the world; the economy, and the workforce completely and no hope for retreating to better times, but my presumptions were wrong, economy and the workforce was affected, but there is evidence of brighter tomorrow.

The Covid-19 pandemic did not entirely disorient the American or the Global workforce completely. The pandemic caused many changes in the manner people contacted businesses and office work. Going to research work, I anticipated how the resources would be entirely on the disruption of the workforce. However, some research has shown how workers adapted rapidly and shifted to remote working (Butterick & Charlwood, 2021). There are many people who the nature of their work could not allow them to work from home, and these were the freight operators and medical practitioners like the nurse who had to work from the hospitals. The pressure on the covid-19 was on to the medical practitioners more like the other workers in the economy. The health workers managed to work within that environment, given they were the frontline workers in the fight against the pandemic. So I found that the pandemic made some workers more busy than normal. Although the healthcare workers were placed at high risk for transmissions, the pandemic made the demand for health workers go up, meaning that more were hired and many others worked overtime. It is not entirely that the workforce was negatively affected, but it presented an opportunity for others to get jobs, and other maximized their incomes by working overtime. There are also another lot of people who opted to work from home and managed to deliver from home. Many tutors, lecturers, and teachers were aiding education from home through video calling applications and platforms. The situation was not as bad as I thought it could be portrayed as I walked into this research work.

Additionally, I had assumed that the pandemic negatively affects the quality of deliverables of workers working...


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